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SubscribeBrackish Damsels???
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male usa
I have a brackish tank that I am slowly increasing to 1.0014-1.0016. Could I drip some damsels down to this salinity successfully? Are their any other saltwater fish that can safely go down to brackish?
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Tenellus Obsessor
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No true SW fish should be maintained below 1.0020 IMO. Below this level it is possible for the fish to suffer organ failure if they have evolved to live in full salt conditions.

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................Unless you went to AquaRama this year and saw the Golfish living with Guppies, Gouramis, and of course, common Clowns.
Not quite sure how its done yet. Its a GEX product i believe, an additive that bonds compounds, or something. I'll try and find photos.
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Small Fry
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If the water is considered to be 1.020 min, then why do I keep researching that my brackish violet goby (dragon fish) needs only 1.005---1.010 salinity?
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I think you are missing the point...
Your Violet Goby (Dragon Fish) is a fish that lives in
brackish water.,%20Dragon%20Goby.htm
To keep it in a "marine tank" would, Matty wrote, kill it.

To keep Damsels in a brackish tank would also kill them.

What Mez is talking about is a new product on the market
that few of us have any knowledge of. However, there is a
product that allows humans to "breath" water... Now, how
long one could live that way is unknown at this time.


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Small Fry
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male usa us-arkansas
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oh ok, thanks for clarifying that. I appreaciate it..I keep Dragon in salinity of 1.006, measured with deep six hydrometer
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Ah, this is something I should have alighted upon a long time ago, because this very topic was covered in that favourite book of mine, Exotic Aquarium Fishes by Dr William T. Innes, a book which regulars here will refer to as "the venerable Innes book" because the first edition dates back all the way to 1936!

This book contains some entries featuring members of the Pomacentridae (Damselfishes), and states that experiments have been conducted with respect to transferring Damselfishes to water of lower salinity than pure marine. However, these experiments, by Innes' own admission, enjoyed only limited success, and given the nature of marine fish physiology, it is NOT something I would attempt. A brief but useful introduction to the difference between freshwater and marine fish physiology, which will explain why these experiments were limited in their success rate, can be found in an old (but still informative) paperback book on marine fishkeeping, written by Graham F. Cox in the 1970s. The hardback version is available second hand on Amazon if you don't mind waiting a while to pick up a copy, alternatively, see if your local library stocks the title, as it's very informative even though a fair amount of the information is now out of date. The work in question is called:

Tropical Marine Aquaria

Author: Graham F. Cox

ISBN: 0600306518 (hardback version)

Supply these details to your local library, and see if they can grab a copy for you to peruse if you don't want to go to the trouble of buying a copy yourself.

That book will also explain why marine fishes are in general considerably more difficult to keep alive than freshwater fishes, one of the pieces of information that isn't out of date.

Panda Catfish fan and keeper/breeder since Christmas 2002
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