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about 4 years ago i purchased a stand which i think is made of particular board or ply wood. it has gotten wet over some possible lazy times of not noticing water was on it or not wiping the water off. it seems to be sturdy but im worried one day it will just collapse under the weight. am i being a worry wort or is this a real possibility? some of the paint has cracked due to being on a slightly unlevel floor and having shims under it for leveling and swelling from small amounts of water but you cannot peel it apart and like i said it seems fairly sturdy.
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Is it all particle board or is the frame made of solid wood?

It's totally possible for the whole thing to collapse, I'd look into getting a new stand ASAP. Even if it doesn't collapse it could shift the weight of the tank in a way that it puts uneven stress on some of the seals.

If it's partially made of solid wood, you may be able to replace the parts that have water damage with a thick plywood.


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Most particle board that I've seen is sawdust and glue with some sort of cover (vinyl, paper, or plastic) over it. While strong enough to support the tank (around 550 pounds) they are generally speaking not water proof and neither is the glue holding the sawdust together. Another type, commonly used in construction is made of "chips" of wood, again glued together. Depending upon what the wood is intended for, it (the glue) can be water proof But I have not seen this used in aquarium stands.

The better wooden tank stands are generally made of oak, a good hard wood. Another option is, of course, the metal stands (preferably wrought iron).

If you are going to replace parts with plywood, be sure to use marine plywood. It is designed for boat hulls and it will not fall apart in a wet/water environment.


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