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SubscribeGetting back in the swing of things.
Fish Addict
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Registered: 23-Jan-2003
Hey guys,

Does anyone remember me? Seems like this place has gone real quiet.

Well, after being out of the hobby for a few years I am finally considering getting a tank again now that my living situation has settled some.
Funny how quickly you forget the basics of aquarium keeping!
Would like some feedback:

I am considering getting ONE of a 46g bowfront, 55g standard, or 72g bowfront. At this point leaning more toward the smallest of the three.

I am interested in a South American community tank with low wpg plants (ie. java, and anubias) and mopani driftwood.

Ideally want:
Biggest group of schooling tetras I can afford to have. (deciding between cardinals, neons, or rummies)
Some sort of bottom dwelling fish.

Can I do this with a 46g?

I have a 250w ebojager heater that is older but never been used. Is this overkill?

I have available a Fluval 404 canister (rated for 100g) and a Aquaclear 500 (rated for 100g). I am presuming I would use only one - is this overkill?

It will be a relatively 'show tank' so am thinking sand, just can't decide between white or black. Background will likely be black.

Any suggestions or thoughts?
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Show me the Shishies!
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female australia au-victoria
Hello, I remember you.

I think its doable in a 46g. A trio of angels, pair of rams, cories and tetras. I would pick cardinals or rummy noses as they are a hardier fish.

Before you criticize someone walk a mile in their shoes. That way you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Hey blue!

yes it has gotten rather quiet.

I agree with lindy, doable.

I'd make extra sure the heater and thermometer are set in separate parts of the tank with the heater of course being as close to the outflow as possible. Monitor it, should be find though.

If the rams arent' a must you could go with a small school of congo tetras, I've found them to be pretty active for tetras, but if you want small schooling fish I'd go cards over neons. Get the cardinals before the angels and let them grow bigger before adding too many of the angels.

Smaller cories for the bottom would work, or if you want to break community yoyo loaches don't get too large (we have some in with our angels and tetras)

Black background and black sand I've felt in the past is a bit of overkill making the tank look very dark, especially if you're going with low wpg. Since my adventures in sand were mostly a failure I've stayed away from it but on a canister you might not have the same impeller death I experienced.


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