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Small Fry
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What harms does Iodized salt do ?
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Mega Fish
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male usa
Ive always been told not to use it, that non Iodized is better for the fish. But I have read online it doesn't have any negative effect. So to answer your questions I don't know if it has any harmful effects. What reason are you asking, were you needing to add salt to your tank for some reason?
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male usa us-colorado
I started out to add my support to what Gourami wrote,
as I too have been told for decades to never use iodized
table salt in an aquarium. I was told that the iodine,
in the amount used in the salt, was toxic to fish.
Now, at that time, it may have been true but since then
the government has set limits on the amount of iodine
humans should have in their foods and today's iodized
salt is held to that limit.

I did some research on the internet and found several
articles debunking what is nowadays, considered a myth.

Here is one of them:

It gives two reasons when to use SALT and several
good reasons not to use it in a healthy tank.


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Big Fish
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male usa us-texas
It's so inexpensive to just buy aquarium salt, it just makes me wonder why you would want to use iodized.

The calming qualities of a good aquarium are irrefutable
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