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SubscribeLoud air pump stressing 2 guppies
Small Fry
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Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.......... since my air pump is very loud it stresses the two guppies in my tank! My tank is 4 gallon and it is a sphere. Should I get a new tank or let them be? Please answer somebody!!
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
What kind of filter are you running on your tank? With the right filtration airpumps might not be needed.

Also what is the water quality reading on your tank water?


Knowing these numbers may help point to something else that is bothering your fish.

Sometimes moving the airpump so it's not on the stand but somewhere else can reduce vibrations and from bothering the fish.


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male usa us-colorado
EditedEdited 03-Jan-2011 08:30
You would have to be a bit more descriptive of the "loud
noise." Air pumps, particuarly the vibrator types can
create two types of noise.
One, a vibrating type of sound, can easily be resolved
by placing the pump on a thick piece of sponge
The sponge will absorb the vibrations.
The other type of noise is a "clacking" type of sound and
that is causd by having a restriction of some sort in the
line that causes the pump to have to work extra hard to
force the air through the line. If you have valves in the
line you would want to open them up to ease up the back
pressure. Your pores, (holes) in the airstone could be
too small causing the back pressure. If you are running a
gang valve (allows you to use one pump to run more
than one item) in the airline then you will have to adjust
the valves so that you have the right amount going to each
item, and if it is still clacking you will have to add
another valve or open an unused valve to bleed off
the excess air.


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