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SubscribeBetta's and Aquarium Salt
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male canada ca-alberta
Hi, I've got a Betta in her own tank and am wondering if adding Aquarium Salt would be beneficial for her. I use it in my other tank (of danio's, guppies, and swordtails) as the latter two benefit from the salt to help in healing and general health. So would it be recommended for me to do so with my betta as well?
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Please see my note in the other forum where you asked a
similar question. Along with that response, at one time
it was felt that the addition of salt would increase the
vividness of a fish's colors, and some even treated a
container just before a fish show with that in mind.

Salt, in general, is a bad idea in a freshwater tank.
While the dosage is, admittedly very low, you need to keep
in mind that it does not evaporate out of the tank like the
water does. The only way to dilute the salt in the tank
is to actually change out the water, and replacing it can
be "tricky." The eventual result is a slow build up of the
salinity of the water to the point where when new fish
are introduced, they sicken and die, or the plants which
do not tolerate salt wither and die.

Salt, especially for a newcomer in a freshwater tank, is
not a good idea.


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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
I agree with frank, you should not be adding salt to your betta .

I don't think you should be adding salt to any of your tanks. I keep guppies and swords without salt just fine.


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