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SubscribeDoes ANYONE know anything about Glochidia in Bettas??
Small Fry
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Hello fin friends!

I am new to this forum so i hope im posting this right and in the correct place. I have a halfmoon betta in a cycled 3 gallon and his water i keep very clean. All water perimeters are good, Ammonia 0, nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 , PH 6.8 He has been flashing his gills for a few months and i have tried a few very good parasite meds including Clout with no luck. He has some white specks on fins ONLY on and off and some form into a small cyst like bubble, and one day i seen a tiny white worm protruding from cyst and fall off, then it leaves a hole in fin. Its not ich because i have treated with quick cure and increased heat to 85 and NO LUCK. Some of the tiny white specks have been on fins for about 2 weeks or longer. So im thinking its Glochidia but dont know alot about it so am not sure. Prince my halfmoon is an import from Thialand 8 months ago and i have heard it is common there in Bettas. Can anyone tell me if this is Glochidia or not?? I have Mardel copper meds and heard this is what to treat it with. How long do i treat him and do i add to main tank to kill the ones in tank? Thank you in advance to ANYONE who may be able to HELP me! I am at a loss.
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male usa us-colorado

There are several pictures of the parasite on and in the
fish's gills. See if this is what you have noticed on your fish.

I did not go further in my search. I suspect that your information is correct in that is is susceptible to copper. Read the precautions about using copper to treat disease on Bettas. Turn the temperature up and use the medication for the recommended length of time. When done treating for the parasite, do a water change and add carbon to your filer to remove any remaining copper.


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