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The Mutant Goldfish
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male usa
The parameters for what qualifies as your "favorite labyrinth fish" is all up to you. Write down (linking is optional) on here what your favorite specie is. With that in mind: what's your favorite labyrinth fish? Mine is the Dwarf Gourami.

Note to the Moderators/Administrators: If this is considered spam/un-necessary posting, remove this message. Just trying to start some conversation.

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Fish Addict
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id have to go for a giant gourmai they are sweet.
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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
I'm gonna top riri and say Redtail Giant Gourami, Osphronemus laticlavius.

Haha, just kidding. Pearl gouramis are the best. They just can't be matched, IMO.

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male usa
here is a rare "twist"
luciocephalus pulcher, pearl pikehead gourami

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Fish Master
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female usa
Of course, the Betta I have 7 of them. I also like the kissing gourami, I have one of those thats about 5 inches long =]

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Big E
Fish Addict
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The good old paradisefish.

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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
Panda Funster
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male uk
Difficult for me to pick a "favourite", because several species recommend themselves for different reasons!

At the very small end of the scale, the Croaking Gouramis are frequently overlooked, and much to be recommended for people with small aquaria, provided you don't keep them with boisterous tankmates. There are two species, Trichopsis vittatus and Trichopsis pumilus, and both are recommended if you want something different (and tiny!).

Next up, amongst the Colisa species, the Honey Gourami, Colisa chuna, is the one I'd choose. Males are brilliant in breeding dress, and the species is relatively peaceful. If you want something slightly bigger, and a bit unusual, go for either Colisa labiosa, the Thick Lipped Gourami, or Colisa fasciata, the Indian Gourami.

Among the Trichogaster species, I'd have to run with Trichogaster leeri, the Pearl Gourami. Peaceful for its size, males are gorgeous in breeding dress, and what's more, this is a fish that becomes more beautiful with age.

Moving on to the bigger species, Trichogaster microlepis, the Moonlight Gourami, is, if you have the space for it, something decidedly different. Imposing size, with a strange sheen on its body that leads to the name, this is a big show fish for a 6ft aquarium that will make everyone stop and stare.

Finally, there are two oddballs to look out for, if you're an advanced aquarist, and don't mind exerting the effort to keep fishes that are of Discus levels of difficulty. One is Malpulutta kretseri, the Mottled Pointed-Tail Gourami, and the other is Sphaerichthys vaillanti, the Samurai Gourami. However, be warned that these are very definitely expert's fishes, and NOT for the beginner to keeping Gouramis!

Panda Catfish fan and keeper/breeder since Christmas 2002
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