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The Mutant Goldfish
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male usa
The parameters for what qualifies as your "favorite livebearer" is all up to you. Write down (linking is optional) on here what your favorite specie is. With that in mind: what's your favorite livebearer? Mine is the Swordtail.

Note to the Moderators/Administrators: If this is considered spam/un-necessary posting, remove this message. Just trying to start some conversation.

Born in radioactive waters, the Mutant Goldfish swims...
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male usa
I am partial to the Sunset Platys. I love the Red to orange to yellow color they have. I feed them the color enhancing flakes that bring out the red colors. I like how they contrast with the green foliage in my planted tank.

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Big Fish
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male usa
id have to choose montezuma swordtails.
now if only i could find a place that sells them
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Mega Fish
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male usa
Lyretail swordtails take my vote.
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Mega Fish
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male usa us-california
endlers hands down everytime!

great breeders
beautiful colors
array of coloration/patterns
VERy low maintenence

\\\\\\\"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure\\\\\\\"
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Small Fry
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female usa
I love mollies.
The only downside is at times they can have over 30 babies (happened to me with my very first molly the day I put her in the tank, 38 babies). But they are so cute to watch and I've never had a problem with them being eaten or sucked by the filter. It's like they know to hide in the gravel or plants and or stay at the surface. They keep themselves out of danger. I've read websites that say a lot about the specifics of raising them but, I've left them in the tank with all my other fish plenty of times and all of them survived (even through water changes).
Mollies are troopers. They're the only fish that could handle me the first few months I had a tank lol.
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Small Fry
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Registered: 28-Oct-2008
Western Mosquitofish. I have 2. They were both mixed in with feeder Rosy Reds, so I thre 2 in a 5 gal. Must be tough, all the dying Rosy Reds and not a single dead mosquitofish. Meanwhile the Rosy Reds were dying not just from feeder disease, but being mauled by the Mosquitofish! Alot were dying because of missing tails
Post InfoPosted 29-Oct-2008 02:09Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Addict
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male usa
Carcharodon carcharias
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Small Fry
Posts: 6
Registered: 21-May-2005
male usa
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WOW favorite Livebearing fish ... Thats a BIG order.

at the moment Xenotoca Eiseni

Hobbyist helping Hobbyists
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