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Small Fry
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male canada
I have quite often had the problem that when my females give birth they die during the process?? I dont normally remove them from the tank when the are just about ready, I have done this in the past and havent had any luck with this i have tried seperating a female with a tank divider on ocassion with about the same results. Is this a stress thing or from beening pestered by other guppies in the tank. The only other fish in my tank is a pleco and three cory s that barely even know the guppies are there.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
I would think it is your water is not at its correct peramiters for live bearers guppies.

Please post a full water parimeters of your tank also more infomation about your tank size, plants, and, filtration etc.

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male usa
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I have a number of birthing female guppies, if they seem to be haveing trouble giving birth, it can be water quality as keithgh wrote, or they could be blocked-up or as you said stressed out badly. Do they actully have the fry then die or do the just die when there about to give birth? whats you female to male ratio? It should bve at least for every one male two or three females. that way, the males are working there buts off chasing the females around and the females have an almost stress free atmosphere.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male malta
Any news about the water parameters, kegman75?. As i also think that your tank water isn't that good for Guppy's.
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