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Big Fish
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How can you tell when a platy is ready to give birth? I have two that are pregnant and I want to move them into a breeder to try and save the babies. When would be a good time to do this?

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Young Pup
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I have never kept Platys but I do have a Molly that has given birth twice. On my Molly, her stomach gets extremely big and I know that once that happens she will give birth within a few days. I thought I heard that you can tell by the gravid spot on a Platy (maybe this is for Guppies???), I think that you can see dark spots around it, these are the eyes of the fry. This could be for Guppies, I'm not totally sure, thought I'd through this out there anyways. Hope this helps, and congratulations!!!
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I'm pretty sure gestation in these fish lasts about a month, so if they've been pregnant for about 3 weeks already then birth is probably imminent within the next two weeks. Of course, the belly will get extremely large. I think a gravid spot develops in all species of livebearers, as this is the region where the eggs and fry develop; however, I am not sure if it is externally visible in all color morphs. For example, you probably won't see anything in black mollies. I am not sure about platies, though. Also, I've never been able to see the eyes of fry through a gravid spot, although that's just my experience. Not saying it doesn't happen, just saying I've never seen it.

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Well, i know when my swordstails are gravid, as they do have a triangular triangle right behind the belly, right next to the anal fin. Platys should be the same too, so i would wait and see if there is a spot on them....If you are worried, get a 2 or 3 way breeder, and put them in there. The fry will be safe that way, and the mother could chill out, until she is ready to rejoin the community again.

Good luck!

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Since swordtails and platies are so closely related, what gobyfan2007 said is probably right. You can also just play it safe and go with what Shinigami said.

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