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Subscribe55g Community
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male usa us-california
Well, I've been around awhile and have never posted a pic of my tank. Well here it is.

Attached Image:
Post InfoPosted 24-Dec-2009 05:09Profile PM Edit Report 
Fish Addict
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male usa us-tennessee
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female canada
very nice tank! like the Nana plant to the right, looks just right on the DW
Post InfoPosted 29-Dec-2009 06:00Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Posts: 166
Kudos: 94
Registered: 03-Apr-2005
male usa us-california
Thank you. The Nana is about 4 years old and the Kuhlis live there under that piece of drift wood. The tank is still in the works even though it has been running for 4 years with fish.
Post InfoPosted 29-Dec-2009 10:07Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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male usa us-florida
cool tank... i like how all ur plants r o the right and the 50 neons r at the left... cudnt find fish at first lol
Post InfoPosted 30-Dec-2009 04:49Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Small Fry
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male usa
EditedEdited 04-Jul-2012 17:40
That is a great looking tank. I love its length. It looks roomy.

George Alarcon
Post InfoPosted 04-Jul-2012 17:37Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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