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If you want to show us your pictures
First and foremost you are going to need to have that picture saved on your computer. Two ways of doing that. 1. You have a digital camera and have s...
koi keeper030-Jul-2004 20:32
How to take good Aquarium photos, input required please
Pages: 1, 2
Apprently it was recently lost I thought I had all the info but only the link. So lets start it up again Keith Last edited b...
keithgh3511-May-2011 17:14
The Calilasseia Fish Photography Essay ...
Having seen some wonderful photos in the Photo Booth lately, I thought I'd don my article writing cap again, and compile a feature on fish pho...
Calilasseia213-Jan-2008 05:50
Work in progress 30 gallon acrylic planted
Feedback, questions and comments would be much appreciated! 8 Cherry Barbs 5 Golden Barbs 2 Otocinclus 1 Veil-tail B...
Soidfuf415-Dec-2017 06:10
ztb23 Pregnant Guppy
Hi Zach, You can always spot a pregnant guppy by looking for the dark "gravid" spot which is the developing fry and is found just behind the silver m...
FRANK212-Dec-2017 01:17
Wild discus.
I've been trying for what seems like forever, too figure out the strain of my wild caught Discus. Anyone who might know, please leave your pick. Tha...
BrettBeMe007-Aug-2017 01:07
new camera
i know this guy is just a cheap 2 dollar guppy from a petsmart, but you have to admit that this is a gorgeous photo. im really proud of this. the file...
ztb23406-Jul-2016 19:37
buddies :)
happy little guppies. theyre so cute and fun to watch...
ztb23710-Jan-2015 02:14
Frank\'s home addition
FRANK516-Nov-2014 14:47
Pics of the driftwood in 40gal tall
Hey guys, here's the pics of the driftwood inside the tank. This is the best I can get without glare. [link]
Kellyjhw824-Oct-2013 12:31
my 30g set up!
So this is my first ever attempt of my own fish tank, most decorations i recieved when i purchased the tank. I plan on getting a 50g and changing to p...
barbdarb309-Aug-2013 23:28
My First Baby Pictures
Hello everyone. What a pleasant surprise I had this evening when, while watching my fish eat their evening meal, out of the corner of my eye, I notice...
Sir Syklyd617-Jun-2013 22:03
Well it has certainly been a while
It has been quite a long time since I've posted here about something actually fish related. Not sure if anyone around remembers me, but I started my f...
Tetra Fan821-Mar-2013 00:52
Click here
MaximilianDub128-Nov-2012 22:37
125 Gallon setup
Finally got around to transferring the fish out of the two tanks to one....
Kellyjhw1030-Oct-2012 00:17
20 gal. tank update
FISH UPDATE!!! ---> Blue Gourami died as well as 1 Chinese Algae Eater. NEWLY ADDED FISH ---> 1 common Pleco, 1 Angel fish, 1 Rainbow shark, 1 Jack De...
MaximilianDub921-Sep-2012 22:20
55g Community
Well, I've been around awhile and have never posted a pic of my tank. Well here it is....
lowlight504-Jul-2012 17:37
Pictures of My 37 Gallon Tank
Pages: 1, 2
So, I thought I would post pictures of what my tank looks like pre-fish, since I just lost all the fish I had, and I am now in the process of fixing t...
Delenn2304-Oct-2011 13:19
Some new shots from my store
Yellowtail Angel: Teminicki Wrasse: [IMG]
mattyboombatty1401-Oct-2011 14:45
Simple 20 Gallon : ]
I know I know, it needs to be re-stocked! 3 Colombian Tatras 1 Sunburst Wag Platy 1 Gold Guarami Any ideas or inputs are welcomed (SO...
MaximilianDub301-Oct-2011 14:42
neo cichlid, primitive fish and others
Hello, My first participation in this forum. I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Some of my fish. Later add other pictures of primitive fish. [...
edsonrechi319-Sep-2011 21:18
My Cichlid Tank
Tusker415-Sep-2011 14:14
My 75 crazy mixed tank
Please excuse the green water lol [IMG][/...
zeketaz201-Sep-2011 12:44
My current 10gal 6 Zebra Danios 5 Green Cories 1 Pleco 3 Neon Tetras 4 Aduly mollies (~15 fry from 3...
Potto09101-Sep-2011 12:40
Here are some of our Angels past and present. Pearlscale zebra lace angel bred by us. [img]
TopAz301-Sep-2011 12:32
A pic of my 55 gal.
Just a picture of my 55 gal, I have 2 B/n's in it 3 Platys and 2 Rams...
CukeRooster207-Jul-2011 20:53
Blue Rams
Hi all, I enjoy making compliation images of the photos I take of my fish. Here are some Blue rams Blue ram juvis [img]http://i686.photobucket....
TopAz313-Jun-2011 10:09
my 10L tank
mik131-May-2011 09:41
i'm having trouble resizing my pics to post, more specifically the file size,most of my photos are approx.600kb. it's been a while since i've last don...
amazondon112-Mar-2011 18:02
75 gal amazondon012-Mar-2011 06:33
My 30 Gallon Tank
I'm currently in the process of making a custom hand painted backdrop to go in behind the tank, so it isn't completely finished (also a few things may...
davyboy227-Jan-2011 00:26
My 5 Gallon Tank
This tank is a little tank that my fiance decided she wanted a betta so I set it up for her and it currently has a betta (female, debating on breeding...
davyboy227-Jan-2011 00:24
55 Gallon Livebearer Community
I made a neat little website for my 55 gallon planted setup, check it.
joegti10109-Jan-2011 23:04
m7y Metriaclima estherae
mark5019221-Dec-2010 03:41
My Betta (Mame)
looks like your picture didn't upload...
whiskers127-Nov-2010 21:01
Frans Stoffels, Amazon, and Narrow Leaf Chain...
amazondon026-Nov-2010 02:10
Gardneri Killifish
Possibly the second most common variety of killifish ( at least in Australia) is the Gardneri killifish Fundulopanchax gardneri Here are som...
TopAz324-Oct-2010 01:15
My 29 gallon long
My 29 gallon tank. Has been running for about 10 months. []....
rambo_motim003-Oct-2010 00:34
here are some of my discus...
brock316-Sep-2010 01:36
My first try at salt... Fingers crossed.
I'm starting big, I know if I do a little one I will just keep upgrading till it's big... so i just went for big... I wanted 300 but settled for 180....
cashwellspent030-Aug-2010 00:22
Can anyone tell me what kind of fish this is?
please and thank you. joe...
cashwellspent227-Jul-2010 12:02
Some of my plecos
Hypancistrus debilittera 'L129'. These have bred for me. Will have pics of the offspring at a later date. [IMG]
fishheadz218-Jul-2010 22:32
New tank!
Hey guys, I set up a new tank in my apartment, check it out: PS. Please d...
Shinigami821-May-2010 19:38
80gal with Angels
heres my new set-up with 2 Koi angels, 2 Scalare (1 wild) angels(ones a veintail) Ive since added (not in pix) 1 sm solid black, 1 sm marble with awso...
itsjustme19661721-Apr-2010 02:35
Amazing Sting Ray Picture
This was taken at Manila Ocean Park...
AquaLogic011-Feb-2010 22:06
A few tank photos
Just thought I would share photos of my tanks. All are moderate to heavy in plants, have plenty of driftwood, and are full of caves and rockwork....
jafo411-Feb-2010 20:17
Can anyone identify my mystery fish?
Hi, Can anyone identify my mystery fish? I recently upgraded to a 270 litre tank and inherited some fish, all of which I know the name of apart...
peachums805-Feb-2010 17:34
Fish I did NOT buy at auction last nite
I went to a fish auction last night which finished at 1.30am. I wasn't allowed to buy fish, so I bought 3 bags of Riccia moss which I will probab...
Brengun405-Feb-2010 14:29
My new arrivals and Bulldozer
Here's a few pics of the newbies on Flicker.
Kellyjhw004-Feb-2010 17:50
shrimp : white band shrimp (Neocaridina sp.)
shrimp : white band shrimp (Neocaridina sp.) [IMG]http://i43.phot...
apistoworld(HK)301-Feb-2010 12:28
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