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First and foremost you are going to need to have that picture saved on your computer. Two ways of doing that.

1. You have a digital camera and have saved your pics from it.

2. You scan your actual picture with a scanner and have that saved file.

Now that you have a saved picture there are two ways to post pics on this site.

1. By linking to your picture hosted on another site (explained in depth below).

2. By being a premium member you can directly upload your picture from your computer or embed the image into the post by using the picture's web adress where it is hosted.

Now if you are not a premium member here you will need to upload your picture onto a site that will host it so you can link to it from here. Here are some great FREE hosting sites for pictures:

Yahoo Photos

Village Photos

Web Shots

Snap Fish

Once you have created an account and uploaded your pictures you will find each one has a different way of allowing you to share your photos, Some will require to make your picture or album public first, but all allow you to use the web adress of your picture as a link.

Once you have a link for your picture you can link to it here using our easy markup buttons; which is on the screen to create or reply to a thread

If you are a premium member you can use the image tags or the attatch a photo option.

More information about premium member benefits here:


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