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Small Fry
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female australia
Here are some of our Angels past and present.

Pearlscale zebra lace angel bred by us.

Pearlscale gold bred by us

Gold bred by us.

Blue platinum grown by us purchased @ 4cm

Angel types we have kept some we bought some we bred.

Some of our babies

Breeding pair of golds we bred, tending their brood

Pair of blue platinums we bred (currently for sale.)

This is just a sample of my photo collection of my angels, there are other colour types and fin types which I have had/have which I have not posted any pics for.

Angelfish are really fun to spawn, there is lots to discover about their genetics and how colour traits are passed on.
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female canada
nice Angels!
I had a few not long ago, they had tank mates as well.
Spawned alot but eggs were eaten by rainbows. That was ok with me.
My largest being the female took strange to her mate and the other..she killed them both..she was stressed Im guessing, and at the time didnt have a tank to move fish around.
I do miss them, Angels have quite the personality at times..
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Small Fry
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male usa us-pennsylvania
Look great!
Good work on breeding them especially.
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Fish Guru
Piranha Bait
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male canada ca-ontario
Late reply on my part but I love your angelfish, particularly the zebra lace pearlscale, and rams. My 2 fave fish and you're breeding them lol.

My angels had their first hatch not long ago but I lost the fry on day 4 of free swimming. I have bbs eggs now so hopefully will have success with the next hatch

The Amazon Nut...
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