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My newly setup 29 gallon.
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I just got a new 29 gallon aquarium! Its done cycling and I have a pair of mbuna in it. Im not quite sure what species they are as the LFS said they w...
cichlidl0ver2006-Jan-2010 02:12
Brenguns blue rams laying
Last nite my blue rams decided to lay eggs. I have narrowed down the 60 or so photos down to a top 5. Note the drool on the last one's mouth. They see...
Brengun802-Jan-2010 04:34
new 25 gal holding tank for plants
Hello Setup Dec 24th, a christmas present to myself. This replaced the 10gal on my dresser. It was to be a holding tank for crypts so no scapi...
DaMossMan401-Jan-2010 19:50
Cap'n Jack Sparrow
Showing off my pride and joy! Just got him a new tank, that is my next post. Working on a pic. It will not upload......
Naamphong024-Nov-2009 17:23
Few Fry Pics
Ah, some of these are getting largeish for fry now. Starting to turn into small fish, and fighting is commencing. They'll be grouped, sized, and seper...
Mez212-Sep-2009 16:22
Post your dorm tanks
Pages: 1, 2
Hey foos--enough of these elaborate million gallon home setups. Let's hear from the scholastic bunch, whose spartan academic lifestyle affords them o...
Cup_of_Lifenoodles2403-Aug-2009 09:43
just thought you may like to see a pick of my jds with fry cheers papasan....
papasan220-Jul-2009 21:29
Meet "Bully Boy" - The Big Bad Mbuna!
Well, I've been studying the Users Guide for my daughter's Casio EX-Z50 digital camera, and I am happy to report that I am finally starting to get the...
Sir Syklyd421-Jun-2009 05:26
Red Dragon X Gold Dragon Betta Juvies
Thought you guys might like to see these A friend and I imported some fish from Thailand and decided to only do the parts of breeding that we liked...
Callatya1212-May-2009 13:40
Some New Pics
hi guys - new pics include golden rams, juvenile blue angels, royal whiptails and splash tetras stuck to a leaf laying eggs, and the eggs themselves....
jase101901-May-2009 21:56
Another betta
I thought I'd take a picture of this guy while I was doing the babies. He's from a friend who wasn't going to breed him and needed the space, so I've...
Callatya206-Apr-2009 05:55
Leopard pleco
I got 4 new leopard plecos L075. I usually only prefer the stripey plecos but I was very impressed with these spotty guys. [IMG]http://i220.photobucke...
Brengun722-Mar-2009 17:31
Tetra : High Fin Neon Tetra
tetra : high fin neon tetra [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)812-Mar-2009 09:42
Poecilia : Poecilia sp. cf. reticulata (galaxy)
Poecilia : Poecilia sp. cf. reticulata (galaxy) [IMG]http://i43.p...
apistoworld(HK)003-Mar-2009 16:13
Poecilia : Poecilia sp. cf. reticulata (Cobra)
Poecilia : Poecilia sp. cf. reticulata (Cobra) [IMG]http://i43.p...
apistoworld(HK)003-Mar-2009 12:16
Goodeidae : Xenotoca variata
Goodeidae : Xenotoca variata [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)003-Mar-2009 07:48
sunfish : Elassoma evergladei
sunfish : Elassoma evergladei [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)002-Mar-2009 19:27
gobies : Hypseleotris cyprinoides
gobies : Hypseleotris cyprinoides [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)002-Mar-2009 19:03
gobies : Hypseleotris compressa
gobies : Hypseleotris compressa [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)002-Mar-2009 18:09
Planted tank....
Here are some pictures of my planted tank that I wish to share. Hope you'll enjoy them. [link]
jasonpisani523-Feb-2009 12:43
My Recent Shots
hey fishfolk, just thought i'd share some pics of my fish - most recent shots include: - male splash tetras in breeding display (long shots, and ple...
jase101422-Feb-2009 19:00
L134 and corys
I bought 9 nearly adult L134 leopard frog plecos the other day and put them in the 6ft cory tank. Caught a nice photo of the corydoras having a sticky...
Brengun322-Feb-2009 10:36
My Current 30 Gallon
hey guys i havent been on in a while and i just wanted to show you guys my current tank pic well here it is:
bettadude113-Feb-2009 04:54
Betta channoides
Few photos of my male and female channoides. I have had a spawn from these, but i left the male with 2 females and i think she pestered him to spawn a...
Mez430-Jan-2009 03:02
Cherry Red Shrimps come out to play
This is a collection of the shrimp photos First the Upside down Shrimp. This is the underside of the Floating Water Sprite "Indian Fern" They seem...
keithgh1829-Jan-2009 05:23
snail : Marisa cornuarietis
snail : Marisa cornuarietis [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)026-Jan-2009 15:39
my betta Phyllup J. Kabob
here is my new fishy phyllup
bettadude418-Jan-2009 04:11
90Gal Reef (Algae Scrubber System)
90gal reef (algae scrubber system). Scrubber has been the only filter (besides LR, of course) for six months:
santamonica210-Jan-2009 03:23
New 55gal What do ya'll think bout this set up and what kinda cichlids would work be...
spankym13501-Jan-2009 20:49
The eyes have it
Day 4 (counting the day they were laid) and my 73 LG6 whiptail eggs have eyes! [IMG]
Brengun327-Nov-2008 00:45
A not Bubble Nest
I recently noticed these fine bubbles building up on the underside of my Floating Water Sprite (Indian Fern) It is caused by the fine bubbles from th...
keithgh226-Nov-2008 00:08
Hi all, Some pictures of my 55g and its various inhabitants Hello everyone, please look over my pics and tell me what you think!...
deliriuum223-Nov-2008 04:09
My new 6 gallon tank
Finally got my tank looking how I want it. All I need to do now is wait until it is finished cycling then I'll buy some fishies. I think I am going...
Gomer517-Nov-2008 21:34
Shrimps come out to play as usual
I have noticed lately that the shrimps come out about 3.30pm to 4-5pm on most days. I never feed any other time than about 8am except on water chang...
keithgh417-Nov-2008 21:25
Slight but improved alteration to Cardinal tank
I have had several attempts to get this right and I think I am getting closer to what I am looking for. It is not a major alteration all it involved...
keithgh607-Nov-2008 09:58
Identify My Fish!!!
Hey all- I have had this fish for years, got him and his siblings since he was a fry. he has since ended the life of his tank mates, and lives alon...
Sean302-Nov-2008 18:10
First photos Cherry Red Shrimp & Baby Shrimp
About 3 weeks ago I bought 5 Cherry Red Shrimps They have been hiding a lot since I bought them. During their three day transport several babies hatc...
keithgh431-Oct-2008 21:24
Fighting Fish
Here are some of my bettas: [link]
bettadaze124-Oct-2008 02:17
Wanna see my babies?
Sorry the flash caught the dirty outside. I wanted to snap the picture while they were out 'n about. You can't see that gunk normally. Time for a w...
mnventurer423-Oct-2008 23:00
My Fish Pic
Pages: 1, 2
This is likely to be a very small thread, as I'll only post pics that are reasonably clear - this is not usually the case with my pics....
TW3521-Oct-2008 06:09
Copper guppies
No idea what their official classification is, but that is their retail name. me tallic pastel something something? Anyone know?...
Callatya220-Sep-2008 11:11
Cave And Fish Pics
Firstly, never feed a pictus and then try to take its photo. First shot was its tail, senond shot was a bare tank spot where it had just been, but the...
Brengun120-Sep-2008 11:07
tetra : Tucanoichthys tucano
tetra : Tucanoichthys tucano [link]
apistoworld(HK)013-Sep-2008 23:02
goby series : Rhinogobius sp.
goby series : Rhinogobius sp. [link]
apistoworld(HK)012-Sep-2008 04:33
Oceanic Biocube 29
Now! pardone the overstockness. this was a tank that was created to replace 3 tanks when i went off to school. so THEY (yellow tang and S major) will...
bettachris109-Sep-2008 18:39
New lens, some shots.
I thought I would share some shots I took with my new macro lens, visit my thread [link=here]
mattyboombatty305-Sep-2008 15:47
New Red zebra
Heres some pics of my new red zebra cichlids.
cowbla1105-Sep-2008 08:58
Case of black and white
I got some L046 zebras a few days ago and like all plecos, the ungrateful ingrates disappeared and hid. Not before I got one decent photo of one of th...
Brengun305-Sep-2008 08:58
Pictures of my 20 gallon tank after lighting upgrade
A couple of months ago I upgraded the lighting on my 20 gallon tank so I could plant it. I just got around to taking the pictures about an hour ago,...
truestar526-Aug-2008 08:38
The New Blue-Eyes
Ordered 6 Pseudomugil furcatus a few weeks ago, all have settled in nicely in the 20g, will eventually reseal and set up the 46 for a nice shoal of 1...
Ironhand74522-Aug-2008 03:38
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