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Big Fish
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male australia
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hey fishfolk,

just thought i'd share some pics of my fish - most recent shots include:

- male splash tetras in breeding display (long shots, and please excuse the tank, it's still settling)
- blue rams hovering over my tiger lotus
- royal whiptails
- apisto sp. hongsloi and agassizi double-red
- tank shots


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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria

It is this tank photo that stands out to me. I am not a lover of dark substrates but with the strong dark green plants and looks like only one species and variety actually sets it off. The background also blends in.

Here are two concerns the rocks around the big plant at the right hand side would be a lot better if you could hunt around and get the same colour as the substrate and use different shapes and sizes.

The other point which distracts big timer is that DW stick.
If you forget about it for a second your eye flows from left to right up as the plants get taller FANTASTIC. Now look at the DW it goes from right to left. Then it crosses in the middle with the rising plant view and to be honest your eye does not which way to go.
If the DW was removed it would loose another whats here for me to explore.
Is it possible to turn it around so that is follows the same line as the plants, then the tank would become double fantastic as your eyes would follow the line stopping along the way to explore.

Any way it is a FANTASTIC tank.

Have a look in [link=My Profile][/link] for my tank info
Look here for my
Betta 11Gal Desktop & Placidity 5ft Community Tank Photos


Near enough is not good enough, therefore good enough is not near enough, and only your best will do.
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Tenellus Obsessor
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male usa us-northcarolina
wow! nice fish and tanks jase!

Critical Fertilator: The Micromanager of Macronutrients
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Big Fish
Posts: 345
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Registered: 06-Jul-2004
male australia
thanks for the comments, keith and matty.

keith, if you look at the whole tank shot you'll notice the driftwood stick is an elipse with it's two lowest points at the ends of the tank, echoed by the curve of the three rocks. the plants, on the other hand, form an elipse with its highest points at the ends. not asking you to like it, but it's a very deliberate effect, based on the archetypal lines of the christian fish or the eye of horus. i'm letting the rummies and diamonds die out so the eventual stocking will be 50+ cardinals and 50+ embers. they form very different schools, the cardinals staying low among the greenery and the embers floating above them. add the feature fish (rams, apisto and angels) and presto! - meditation magic.
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Big Fish
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male usa
great tanks, jase

i love the pics of the rams above the lotus lily
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