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SubscribeCan anyone identify my mystery fish?
Small Fry
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Registered: 02-Feb-2010
EditedEdited 02-Feb-2010 09:17

Can anyone identify my mystery fish?

I recently upgraded to a 270 litre tank and inherited some fish, all of which I know the name of apart from one.

I've attached a picture and maybe some kind person can identify it.


Attached Image:
Post InfoPosted 02-Feb-2010 09:08Profile PM Edit Report 
The Hobnob-lin
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male usa
looks like some kind of molly to me, but there are so many variations i couldn't tell you which one...

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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
EditedEdited 02-Feb-2010 19:26
It's a female swordtail, or possibly a female platy. It looks very similar to the wild-type swordtail. I do not think it is a molly at all.

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Post InfoPosted 02-Feb-2010 19:18Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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male usa
I've seen them here and there, one of the LFS in the area referes to them as "sunset plattys" , some sort of variant resulting from selective breeding , nice colors tho !!

Post InfoPosted 03-Feb-2010 23:20Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Mega Fish
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male usa us-california
Its a platy for sure (possibly swordtail, but they are practically the same). It doesnt look like a molly to me. Very pretty colors!

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Post InfoPosted 03-Feb-2010 23:57Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Dangerous Dave
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male australia
Female swordtail would be my guess. Looks a little elongated to be a platy.

Post InfoPosted 04-Feb-2010 04:56Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Big Fish
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female usa
looks like a female swortail sold as "pineapple" at major chain petstores
Post InfoPosted 04-Feb-2010 09:13Profile AIM PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Addict
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female usa us-illinois
I agree, its a female swordtail, aka pinapple sword, or even neon sword, depending on the store selling it.
Post InfoPosted 04-Feb-2010 22:33Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Small Fry
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thanks for all the replies, I'm also going with pineapple swordtail from repsonses on other forums.
Post InfoPosted 05-Feb-2010 17:34Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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