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SubscribeClose up!
Fish Addict
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male cyprus
A few pics of Rusty!

I know human beings and fish can co-exist peacefully.
Post InfoPosted 02-May-2007 18:14Profile PM Edit Report 
fish patty
Fish Addict
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female usa

Yup! Just what I see down a pleco throat.

Post InfoPosted 03-May-2007 18:31Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Guru
Lord of the Beasts
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male uk
Those are great shots rob, youre getting better all the time. I like the first one especially. He obviously brushes every day. lol. /:'
Post InfoPosted 03-May-2007 20:04Profile MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
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female uk
Really amazing photos - i have never seen a plecs mouth up that close.
Post InfoPosted 04-May-2007 17:45Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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male usa
great photos great clarity up close. incredible detail.
Post InfoPosted 10-May-2007 05:27Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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