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SubscribeDo I need CO2?
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female usa
I have a 20g high planted tank with a T5 fixture that offers about 1.5 wpg. I was just given two Nutrafin Co2 units with the canisters and ladders but I'm not sure if my tank needs Co2. Everything I've read about Co2 and its variables just makes it more confusing so I'm wondering if I should even bother. I have low light plants like java ferns, anubias, crypts. Also, I have soft water, if that changes things.
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Mega Fish
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female usa
With such low light and slow-growing plants, you won't need the CO2.

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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
I have Anubias nana, various crypts in my 45 lt tank and I dont use Co2 at all.
I feed with all liquid Seachem Ferts.

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
With that little light you won't need C02


I upgraded my 20 gallons light to just over 2wpg, added a DIY CO2 and my javafern nearly exploded it was growing so fast.

If you can up the lights, and already have the CO2 I'd go for it


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Fish Guru
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male usa
I also don't think you really need to add the CO2 either with the amount of light and type of plants you are keeping.

Being that you do have it though I would hook it up and run it. Your plants will probably start growing a bit faster and for sure look much healthier.

I am currently running a 20G long with 1.5wpg of T8 lighting. I don't run CO2 on the tank but I do dose Flourish Excel(a liquid carbon source) when I remember. The Excel sure does wonders for the plant health and growth when I remember to dose it on a regular basis.

The two main things that our aquatic plants need is light and CO2. If one of them is missing then your growth and plant health will be limited. Even your low light plants still need CO2 to complete photosynthesis.

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