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SubscribeOver filtered and wrong light
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female usa
Is there any chance to have to much filtration on a planted tank. I have an aqua clear 70 and a whisper 40 and was wondering if that can be to much for plants?

Also I have this light:

and was wondering if maybe it is for marine tanks or something. The light seems really bright and has me a little apprehensive to put fish under it. I've seen other freshwater tanks and the light doesn't seem as bright.

Thanks for any 411,

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It's better to have too much filtration than too little. As long as the current in the tank isnt ripping up your plants you should be fine. I'd be inclined to go very heavy on the biofiltration media in those HOBs.

As for the light, no it's not too much (may be too much for certain tank sizes) but there's nothing wrong with those watt amounts.

The problem is in the type of lighting. Actinics are good for coral but lousy for FW plants. Ditch the 10K and actinics for something in the 5K-8K daylight range. Good for the plants and more pleasing on the eyes.

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female usa
With hob filters chances are your not going to be able to overfilter the tank. Anything less than cramming the largest filter size possible across the entire back of the tank is not going to create too much water movement. The problem lies in the surface movement. If you have alot of water breaking the surface it causes the co2 to degas and the water to contain higher oxygen levels. Usually that's good for fish but plants need co2 to grow so most people with heavily planted tanks at least want to minimize surface agitation and often try to add more co2 which would be completely pointless to attempt if you had tons of surface agitation. That's where cannisters with the spraybar pointed away from the surface are very useful. No movement on the surface means limited gas exchange and high levels of co2.

As for light the 10,000k can be used but are the upper end of the useful spectrum. Most of my lights are 10,000k or 8,000k. I think lights around 6,500k are too yellow but they are the most popular for planted tanks. Actinics are not useful and bulbs over 10,000k are usually too blue. Exception would be the glo series such as aquaglo or sunglo which are rated at 18,000k but actually contain alot of red to the point some can make your tank look purple or reddish. Great for growing plants but they make an odd looking tank and are quite expensive compared to buying a regular daylight bulb which will serve your purpose just fine.
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I agree, there is no such thing as "Over Filtration" on a tank. You simply cant have enough. The general recommended rate of filtration is to turn the entire tank volume over 10x in an hour.

As for the light, I find 10,000k are not so great for plants. 6,500k is the best you can get for plants, and it doesnt look yellowish in my opinion, it looks natural.

You should aim for 2 watts per gallon of light minimum.
Over my 10g I use spiral compact flourescents in my incandescent fixture, giving me 4.6 watts per gallon.
Filtration is a 20g cascade filter, hopefully to be replaced with a small canister at some point.

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As far as actual filtration is concerned, you pretty much
can't over filter. Where the problem comes in is not the
filtration but rather the rate at which the water flows
through the filter and back into the tank.

If you use too large a filter, you could blow the plants
right out of the gravel, and stress the fish as they have
no place to get out of the currents. Because plants also
help filter the water, you really don't need to "turn the
tank over" as much as if you only had a token plant or two.
You can actually use the filters at the low end instead of
at the high end. By that I mean if you have a 30G tank
you can use a filter that is rated from say, 10 to 30
gallons, rather than using one rated from 30 to 50 gallons.
If you have a lot of plants, and few fish, use the lower
rated filter, if you are going to have a lot of plants and
stretch the bio-load of the tank (have a lot of fish) then
use the upper rated filter.

As far as the light is concerned, I've a similar two tube
CF hood, and when I ordered it from Drsfostersmith, I
called them on the phone and told them what I was using it
on, and for. At the time of purchase they swapped bulbs
for me and I received two 65 watt 8800K bulbs instead of
the actinic and a 10,000K bulb. I know its a little late,
but I'd replace the bulbs immediately with two bulbs
in the 6700-8800K range, you will enjoy the plant growth,
and your plants will appreciate it.


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female usa

Thanks everyone, ya I was wondering about that light, It just seemed to bright and blue for a freshwater tank. Frank thanks for the tip from your ordering experience. That is something I will definitely have to remember next time I order fixtures. I'm going to the hardware store in the am to see if they have any bulbs, if not I will order the right bulb offline. I have seen some growth in the plants I do have in there but since there mostly fast grower and me having the wrong light I'm probably hindering the growth alot. Well thanks again for all this info on the filter and light. You all have responded so fast and it is much appreciated.

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