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Hi everybody, I'm having a problem with my westrias(i think thats what it is called) They used to have really nice leaves (as you can see in the 1st picture) but now they look bigger and are curling up you can see the plants in the (back of the betta). What could Be The problem



If you look at the top of the plant on the left thats what it looks like now:

10gallon: 8neons 5gallon: 1betta
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Bob Wesolowski
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Wisteria, hygrophila difformis, is a great plant. Easy to care for, it sucks up nitrates and tolerates a broad range of water conditions and temperature conditions. All it wants is medium tobright intensity lighting. Your tank looks a little dim, you should have at least 2 watts per gallon (wpg) to have this plant grow well. You can determine the wpg by dividing the wattage on your lamps (lights) by your tank size (gallons). If you have a 15 watt fixture on your 10 gallon then you have 1.5 wpg (15/10).

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Fish Addict
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male australia
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What you're seeing is actually not a problem per se. Wisteria can have two very different-looking leaves, depending on how it's grown. The "GOOD" leaves that you're referring to are what submerged growth looks like, and the "BAD" ones are from emersed growth. See the comparison of submerged vs emerged wisteria leaves:

Look familiar?
The interesting thing is I've also seen emersed-type leaves growing on the wisteria that have been submerged for a while, just like yourself. Still not exactly sure what condition(s) would cause this to happen, but once I pruned the emersed leaves, the new leaves are always submerged leaves. We have a "wisteria grand wizard" here , maybe he'll be able to chime in with his expertise.

BTW, IME wisteria is a low light plant, at least in tanks >20g. I have a wisteria jungle growing great at 0.7 wpg (30 watts normal fluoro over 42g tank). Smaller tanks like yours, however, do need a higher wpg to get the equivalent amount of lighting.

EDIT: As an experiment, you could prune the stem right above where the last submerged leaves are, and see what the new leaves will look like.

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