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Fish Addict
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male australia
Currently i have a 3ft long tank that is 30inches wide and 2ft high, so a very very deep aquarium... full of some larger fish that seem to prefer plant soup to an aquascape.

Currently i have pretty much every light fixture imaginable T5s, Compact Fluros, Halides, T8s etc etc. So really i have tonns of options there, however currently im just running a few T8 fluros and a CF setup.

looking for plants that wont be eaten by a larger gibbiceps or uprooted by some mid sized american cichlids preferably available at

Oh and i think ive got about 20L or so of flourish products hidden somewhere haha so ferts shouldnt be too much of an issue either

Thanks in advance

''All the clown fish and yellow tangs in the world cant save you now!''
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Mega Fish
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How deep is your substrate? I might suggest a couple hardy amazon swords. Not sure if your aussie distributor carries them, but worth a shot. They get pretty large so no more than 3 of them if you buy them larger. if you buy them smaller maybe get 4 or 5 and once they get too large thin them out and sell/give the other ones away. You will need some plant fert tablets (substrate fert tablets) and at least 3 inches thick of a normal grain sized substrate. Swords are deep rooters and are great plants. They will propagate with runners as well as if allowed to grow tall enough will grow stems with "flowers" that root in the water, detach and become a new baby plant.

You may also want to try anubias varieties but they do best when attached to drift wood and tend to need less light and use ferts in the water column as well as feed on the decomposing matter of the wood. Java ferns may also be an option but a little birdie a while ago said Java ferns were hard to get in some areas of AU.

well hopefully that was a little useful,
best of luck,

\\\\\\\"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure\\\\\\\"
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Hi Alex,
You might try a couple of "tricks" on the fish.
You might try placing your plants in small, shallow pots.
Pull the gravel aside to the bare bottom and set the pot
on it. Then place a piece of driftwood or rock resting on the edge of the pot to hold it down. Tying Anubis to the
driftwood is an excellent idea. Anubis is a low light plant
and will thrive with a watt or less of light/gallon.
Another thing you might do, also with drift wood is to
tie one of the mosses to the tips and surfaces close to the
surface where the light is stronger. If the wood is large
enough you can dig out some bowls in places on the upward
facing surfaces, fill them with gravel and plant some
plants in them.


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Mega Fish
Posts: 929
Kudos: 636
Registered: 13-Sep-2007
male usa us-california
I would have never thought to dig wells into Driftwood... good idea frank! only thing is you couldn't do anything that would need to root deeply or spread its roots, right?

\\\\\\\"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure\\\\\\\"
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