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Subscribewater changes
Small Fry
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male india
What should be my water changes in my WELL PLANTED FILTERLESS 3.5 GAL TANK WITH A BETTA AND A M.SNAIL?
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
I'd do a small bit every few days. You still want to make sure fresh water is getting into the tank and any extra nutrients are getting out so they don't build up and cause an algae issue.

Half a gallon every 3-4 days should keep your tank in order.


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Mega Fish
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female usa
I'd say about a gallon once per week.

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Big Fish
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male canada
If anything actually you'd want to fertilize that tank and encourage non-limiting nutrients. As leibigs law states, the most limiting nutrient will limit overall plant growth. On the other hand, macrophytes has a relative inflexibility compared to algae when it comes to nutrient demands; there is an alage meant for every nutrient deficiency possible many, many times over.

The best hope you can give your plants is non-limiting CO2 for your light levels (low light if you aren't doing compressed CO2) and nonlimiting nutrients.

In very low light tanks this can be achieved with feeding and perhaps a touch of trace depending on the water. In high light this means full NPK dosing and definitely trace/micro with the possibility of needing extra magnesium and calcium for some kinds of soft tap water.

If nutrient excesses cause algae, everyone with a stable EI dosed tank, or anything using updated conlin-sears type dosing has algae that doesn't listen very well.

On a little tank like that, I'd change the water very often because it's easy. Clean water means healthy fish. Start with 50% a week and you'll notice a difference if you haven't been doing it yet.

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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
EditedEdited 31-Oct-2009 13:29
With the substrate etc that would be around a 3gal tank
If you were to do it weekly that would be about 1gal

Personally to keep every thing clean and fresh I would try 1lt per day.

On one of my long fishing trips I prepared plenty of water and all the wife had to do was take out 1lt every day and replace it with 1lt.
When I came back other than a bit of evaporation the tank looked fantastic the plants and fish loved the little bit of fresh water each day.

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Near enough is not good enough, therefore good enough is not near enough, and only your best will do.
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