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SubscribeAwesome Neon Schooling Behavior
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female usa
Just a little story...

So I was at my LCS (i know don't get me started) looking at the black neons that i was going to buy for my 20g and while i was waiting for an employee to show up so i could get them i started looking at the other fish (who can resist? even if it is a CS ).
A few tanks down was a tank of 30 or so Neon Tetras and there was a big rock in the middle of the tank. Well the ones on the front side of the rock i guess got freaked out that someone suddenly showed up there and they started to swim behind the rock going right, the others behind them followed them, and the others them, (and so on). The effect was so COOL! It was like a turning wheel of neons! Heh, this makes me wish I had a 50g and could get a nice shoal of neons instead of a mere school...
So I stared at them a while until the employee showed up and it was back to business.

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Ahh sounds beautiful haha. Kinda makes me want to make a shoal!

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Cichlid Kid
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sounds awesome.ive always wanted a huge school of them.
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From Wikipedia:
Shoal can describe any group of fish, including mixed-species groups, reserving "school" for more closely knit groups of the same species swimming in a highly synchronized and polarized manner.

But anyway, yeah, big schools are awesome. /:'

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian.
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female usa
Always with the technicalities.

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I always remember a huge display tank at a LFS many years ago it was full of Java Fern and nothing else but Cardinal Tetras.

When I started the 45lt tank with Cardinals only a few at a time they always seemed lost but when I started to build the school up 15 now they are certainly more outgoing and behave like a school.

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