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SubscribeHelp with lighting for tetras
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Hello everyone. I have had 4 neons and one guppy living happily in my 10 gallon tank for a year and a half now. My question is... During the day when i have the blinds open and the sunlight getting through, the neons swim all over the tank at all levels. When i turn my tank light on, they all stay towards the bottom and don't move around much unless i feed them.

I know i have a brighter bulb that the guy at petco recommended for live plants.. I no longer have live plants and would like to get a new bulb that is dimmer, thinking that maybe the neons will swim around more that way.. And help, comments or rude remarks?? Thanks to all that can assist.
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Mega Fish
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Often what helps most is not changing the lights, but adding more cover to the tank. If you don't want to do live plants anymore, there are plastic plants that work well floating at the surface. One of the best for this is a breeding grass. Pieces of driftwood that form overarching structures or caves would also work well. Even non-floating plastic plants would help.

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As sup, mentioned, your lighting is simply too strong for
the tank. Neons are happiest when they have the protection
of plants to save them from the predators that strike from
above. Their home waters are generally stained brown with
tannic acid from decaying wood and plant material so the
water isn't always as crystal clear as "we" prefer our tank

If you have the lighting for plants, why not have plants?
Plants will help clean the tank by taking nutrients out of
the water and substrate and in return give back oxygen.

If you don't want plants, then you will have to cut back
the strength of the light and give the fish some sort of
places for them to feel safe.


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Another option could be to look for some floating plants such as Amazonian Frogbit or Giant Duckweed. These plants are floating plants similar to duckweed but are larger and are easier to manage (i.e. larger and easier to remove) but still grow in any conditions with a light source and are prolific. They would spread and cover a good portion of the water surface and provide good shade. Frogbit also has dangling root systems which provide good hiding places for fry, while your tank won't have fry it does look neat.

Just a suggestion. Though these species of plants may be illegal in your state, might want to look this up before looking to acquire them.

But I also agree with Frank, why not use live plants. Plants such as Java Fern and Anubias are great low maintenance plants. They'll grow in any tank with a light source. They make a tank look more natural and beautiful and will make your fish happier.
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Thanks for the replies.. I have 2 fake plants in there now, both were expensive and actually look real.. I put a piece of light tint on the surface beneth the bulb which dramatically reduced the light, and the neons still won't swim around.. It's weird because with the window open in the day it shines right in and the tank is extremely bright and they will swin at all levels.
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Fish Addict
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Ive got a school of cardinals in a 10 , lit with 2 lg compact flouro' bulbs. ITs bright, but has lots of shade from plants.

duckweed floating on the surface, lots of wisteria,and jva fern and moss. they are all over the tank except the few unshaded places- which theyll dart into to grab food, or once the lights go off, and they get indirect light- they are everywhere.

Id get some floating plants- duckweed, frog bit, water lettuce, salvinia, azolla....benefit of plants, will dim the light , and they should be more active.
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