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SubscribeTetra Tank Mates
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hey guys, I have a 20gallon tank and am planning on stocking it with 4 julii corys, a dawrf gourami, and 6 ______ tetras, which is where this post comes in......if any of you have a suggestion on what type of tetra i should add please reply
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I am a sucker for Cardinal Tetras but they prefer to be in a school of 10+++ the more the merrier, it depends on your tank, filtration and live plants also weekly 30-40% water changes.
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If you can find them... Rummynose Tetras ae spectacular. They would do well in that peaceful community, as long as you school them with 8-12 fish. They stay small so you'd be fine with that arrangement in a 20g. I have 7 left of my original 8 from last year in my 20g with 6 gold pristella Tetras, 2 dwarf rainbow fish and one remaining Tiger Barb from an older school.

The rummies shoal beautifully and look amazing! Just take care to acclimate them to their new tank very slowly, dripping aquarium water slowly, gradually into the bag they come home in as it hangs in your aquarium. Also, try to keep them in darkness as you bring them home. The rummies are super sensitive to changes in their habitat but once you get them established in your aquarium, they do really well as a part of a peaceful community. Just keep them in a decent sized shoal.
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My faves are the deeper-bodied sexually dimorphic types, such as the diamond tetra, rosy tetra, bleeding heart tetra, and black phantom tetras. Males have longer fins that they use to display to each other for dominance, which IMO beats a bunch of fish just mindlessly swimming.

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