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SubscribeWhat Tetras?????
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hey tomorrow i am getting a bigger tank for my male betta and wat type of tetras (or any other type of fish) get along well with bettas??? plz reply i kinda need to no by morining.... thanks,

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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
Lots of tetras would be good choices. Cardinal tetras, black neons, lemon tetras, phantom tetras, bleeding heart tetras, rummynose tetras, diamond tetras... The list goes on and on, and it's pretty much just what you'd like. Rasboras such as brilliant rasboras or harlequin rasboras would be a good alternative as well, though they are not tetras. Some of the tetras that might be inappropriate would be Congo tetras and Exodon tetras AKA Bucktooth tetras due to high activity and nippiness. Other tetras may be nippy as well, so be careful.

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Fish Addict
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yea the thing is on the betta cuz i have had a bettas that didnt care about tetras but i have seen some when u add a shoal of more than like 3 when they swim with eachother he would try to kill the big "fish" that the group looked like.

i have had bettas that had no problem with other fish i had one in with some baby cichlid grow outs and did fine for a while till the cichlids got more colorful and big then the betta tryed to kill them.
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male australia au-victoria
I have had Cardinal Tetras with my M Betta but what I noticed is that the Tetras like to be in large schools of 10 or more. Also Khuli loaches, and Ottos.

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Cichlid Kid
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male usa
i think cardinals or regular neon tetra would be fine.also how about lemon tetras?
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male malta
Lemon Tetras are a bit nippy & they might nip the fins of other fish.

Emperor Tetras are also very nice, but I never kept them.
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Cichlid Kid
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male usa
that is true. personally i like the blue-red of the neon tetra.
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Fish Addict
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male usa
I have a beautiful cornflower blue male betta in a community tank with panda corys and harlequin raspboras... they get along well and the color contrast is great. Sometimes Jack (the Betta) chases the other tankmates around, but never any fighting or nipping from anyone.
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