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female australia
Hi there.

Week 4 of trying to treat this. So far I\\\\\\\'ve tried melafix and pimafix, and most recently 3 doses of tri-sulfa over 9 days with no luck. This fish is the worst; two others have cotton growth on mouth only.

Due to tri-sulfa treatment, all good bacteria dead I suspect, so doing water changes 3x week.

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10

20 gallon planted lightly. Gravel substrate. Aqua one Maxi 102F filtration. 11 neons only. I\'m in Australia, so know access to furan I don\'t think?

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male usa us-colorado
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Hi Bkaryn,
First, welcome to Fish Profiles.

I believe your fish has what is called "Neon Disease."
It is highly infectious and once it reaches the state of infection shown in your picture it is always terminal.

This is a good site to read through.
You will need to take immediate steps to save the remainder of the fish.



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