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Small Fry
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Hello all, so this morning I noticed some white stuff on my goldfishes back tail, but I'm unsure if its ich or velvet its hard to tell. My set up is an indoor 40 gallon tub pond with a temperature of 70 degrees, Ammonia has been between .50-1 ppm for 15 days, nitrite almost .25 and nitrates are rising everyday 10 ppm (tap has 5ppm). I have tried using seeded media from my healthy 55gallon tropical but it has not helped. My question is weather or not a copper based medicine will interrupt the nitrogen cycle. Thanks in advance.
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Yes, the copper used in the treatment for "Ich" may affect the bacteria in the Nitrogen cycle. Be sure to stay within the dosage limits for the size of the tank (tub). Don't over medicate, and continue to monitor the Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels.

I believe their use of the word "May" comes as a precaution to be sure and follow the dosage recomendations that come with the medication. If you do, then you and the tub should be fine.


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