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male australia au-queensland
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hi, everytime i buy snails they will lay a heap of eggs and then die. why is this? its costing me a fortune and only 1 baby survives because my bottom feeders eat all of them. is there a solution to this?

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male usa us-colorado
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I would check the water for heavy metal contaminates such
as copper. Next the temperature, and also the amount of
calcium in the water.

Copper kills nearly every animal in that family.
Too high or too low a temperture will also kill off the
snails. They need calcium to build their shells, and
too little calcium in the water combined with poor
temperatures will also kill them.

To keep them out of your filter you will need to add a
"prefilter" to the intake. This can be a piece of foam
wrapped around the intake, or a piece of gauze such as
a piece of an old fish net wrapped around the intake and
rubber banded to hold it in place.

Lastly, you don't mention what else is in the tank.
Many fish think of snails as the tastiest, most wonderful
thing in the world, and will quickly eliminate them.

Hope this helps...

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