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SubscribeI want to eradicate hexamita trophites(sp?) from empty aquariums.
Small Fry
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After 4 months the DD Black Angels I got are clear of hexamita( I used a microscope and did gut smears) My question is: can I dump all the filters, apparatus, nets, etc that were part of the daily flagyl/water- change routine into the empty 40 gal. tank, raise the temp to ?????, and for how long? I have read so much about this scourge and do not want any residual "spores" to recolonize the water, but I would like to re-use the equipment if possible..From all I read, heat is the only sure-fire way to kill the little buggers. I also have a lot of metro left.
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Hi, and welcome to Fish Profiles...
I don't see where heat will kill the critter. I do see that these tend to exist in managable quantity in aquariums and that it is only under periods of stress that they can successfully invade the host and kill them. It seems that fish in good health do just fine.

This is a very good article on the subject.

I suspect that you can wash your equiment in a weak solution of chlorox and water, rinse well, and then reuse them. Because its primary way of going from one fish to another is in the fecal matter in the gravel, You could wash and then boil your gravel but man does it ever stink!!!


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