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female usa us-ohio
Have white male beta whose fins, top and bottom, bleeding and are getting smaller?? Have treated with Betafix and have tried to water changes and aquarium salt. Beta in small bowl alone with no decorations or rocks. Tail and top fin have stopped bleeding, but bottom fin has now started. Any ideas on what else I can use or do?? Thanks
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male usa us-colorado
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Hi and welcome to Fish Profiles!

What do you mean by "bleeding?" If the fin was "snapped or bitten off, then it could be bleeding into the water. Depending upon the size of the bite or the snapped off fin, there is not much you can do for that. Try some epsom salt in the water, a very little bit. I'm deliberately vaque on the amount as I have only a "small bowl" to go by.

Ammonia poisoning is another. With this, the gills turn red and appear to be bleeding.
The cure for this is to change the water frequently. Pour off 50-75% of the water and replace it with fresh water to which you add chlorine remover that contains aloe. Also be sure that the temperatures of the water in the bowl and the new water are exactly the same temperature. Depending upon how much you feed the fish, how small the bowl is, and how warm you keep the water, you will need to change the water at least weekly.

Fin Rot is another possiblity.

Check out this site:


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