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SubscribeCongrats to Longhairedgit !!!
***** Little Fish *****
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Sure makes sense, you really deserve it. Your contributions over time have been very important to help raising the standards of FP.


But ...

... Don't think for one second that this will make me more agreeable with you

And - Thanks to the FP staff (whoever has come up with the idea to give LHG the award and whoever agreed) for making this move.


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EditedEdited by longhairedgit
lol Ingo, I'd never have it any other way good buddy!

Seriously, thankyou everyone for your kind words, Ill do my best to live up to the rep!

Much love from LHG.
Post InfoPosted 26-Mar-2007 09:02Profile MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
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Congrats Git!

A most deserved honour!
You have helped alot of ppl on this site including myself!

Truth doesn't always win friends but it influences them
Post InfoPosted 27-Mar-2007 04:59Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Big Fish
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Woohoo!!! MVM!!!
Nice job!
Post InfoPosted 07-Apr-2007 01:27Profile AIM Yahoo PM Edit Delete Report 
DarkRealm Overlord
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Its a little late.....but better late than never right? LOL
Post InfoPosted 08-Apr-2007 06:04Profile MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
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Congrats,i see you EVERYWHERE!!!/:'

Yup. I'm that crazy Twilight/animal/music girl
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Congrats Git... I have only been on the site for a short time and already you've helped me...
Post InfoPosted 11-Jun-2007 21:49Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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