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SubscribeCongrats to Longhairedgit !!!
Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
It's been awhile since we've awarded a Most Valuable Member award.

Lately one member has shown his knowledge, patience and love for all things aquatic.

Longhairedgit is fishprofiles latest most valuable member .


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Show me the Shishies!
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female australia au-victoria
Congrats Git! Very well deserved.

Before you criticize someone walk a mile in their shoes. That way you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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Fish Guru
Lord of the Beasts
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male uk
I have to say when I was told I had a little emotional outpouring!Very unusual for the surly old git that I am! I have always tried to do my best for fish, and indeed many other species all my life, and recognition for the effort is not usual in life. I will try to do more and better whenever I can. Thanks to everyone on FP for this acknowledgement , it really is very much appreciated. I consider recognition by those on this site an honour and high praise indeed. Im really very touched.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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Mega Fish
Dial 1800-Positive-Posts
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female australia
Here's a squid headdress to wear for a week. After that period of time it is ill advised to retain it. But enjoy in the meantime.

*sets it at a rakish angle*

Congratulations /:'

~~~ My fish blow kisses at me all day long ~~~
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male usa us-virginia
You do a pretty good job for a git. Congrats.

And when he gets to Heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell: "One more Marine reporting, Sir! I've served my time in Hell."
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fish patty
Fish Addict
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female usa

That must be why I see you everywhere lately........... where ever I go anymore, there is
longhairedgit replying to a post.

Congratulations guy!

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Tenellus Obsessor
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male usa us-northcarolina
Congrats Git. I love the detail in your posts, especially when they get all sciency. Yep, I'm making up words. Congrats to ya .

Critical Fertilator: The Micromanager of Macronutrients
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The Hobnob-lin
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male usa
you forgot to thank the academy and your mom congrats

"That's the trouble with political jokes in this country... they get elected!" -- Dave Lippman
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Mega Fish
USAF Retired
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male usa
Congrats, LHG. Well deserved.


Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody. -- Mark Twain
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Mega Fish
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female usa
Congrats, Dom!

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Fish Master
* * *Fish Slave* * *
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female australia au-newsouthwales
Not surprising. You've answered a lot of questions for me, and as well, I have learned heaps by reading the advice you give to others.

Congratulations /:'

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Dr. Bonke
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male finland
well deserved congratulations
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female usa
congrats! /:'

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
~ Mae West
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male usa us-colorado
Congratulations on the MVM award!
Outstanding work, Thank You.

-->>> The Confidence of Amateurs, is the Envy of Professionals <<<--
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The girl's got crabs!
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female australia au-newsouthwales

You deserve it mate well done

For animals, the entire universe has been neatly divided into things to (a) mate with, (b) eat, (c) run away from, and (d) rocks. - Terry Pratchett

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Taking life on an angle
Posts: 176
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male costarica
Thank you Longhairedgit! You've always been there when we are down.

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Big Fish
Rough but Honest [img]htt
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male usa
As a new person here, I come across Longhair's insightful and witty replies. I just read his post concerning a sick fish (cancer)after reading his advise a felt if I ever need some advice about this Hobby he would be someone to trust.

CONGRATS - I know your a Fish Head thanks for your Great advice.

Can I nominate FRANK next month he's another member who's great.

"Don't Panic"
"But These go to 11"

"So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish" Douglas Adams
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Ultimate Fish Guru
Small Fry with BBQ Sauce
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male australia au-newsouthwales
Congratulations mate.

-- Gomer
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Like a Farmer
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female usa
Good for you!! /:'

"it's the neck, it creaks under the weight of too much heavy thinking."
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Fish Addict
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male usa

WooHoo! Glad to hear that! Congrats, and it was kinda obvious youd get SOME recognition at least..........................

Oh, and the great personality in your posts/profiles/replies is a +PLUS+

><> ~=!Vote Today!=~ <><
-----> View My Dragons <-----
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