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SubscribeHow did you get your name?
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male australia
iwas really uninspired and just copied the thing next to the text box
Post InfoPosted 10-Apr-2007 11:31Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Addict
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female australia
Mine was just the first thing that i thought of... after those bumpy depressed teenage years I like to look on the brighter side of life now and seize the moments upon us...

This is an interesting thread! wondered where some of these names came from esp calis!

Truth doesn't always win friends but it influences them
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fish patty
Fish Addict
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female usa
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Whoa! Wait a minute............

carpe_diem.........."Mine was just the first thing that i thought of..."

I don't speak foreign languages, if that's what your name is? lol

What is "carpe_diem?"

Platy_Punk- At the rate you're going........ to keep you from having to change your name to Panda_Punk & then something else......... since you like raising fish so much, you might consider a name like Pa Pa Punk........ that way you'll cover all bases when you change favorite fish again.

Fish Punk? Pish Punk? Maybe we could start a thread with suggestions to help you pick out a new name? lol

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Post InfoPosted 10-Apr-2007 16:30Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Mega Fish
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female usa
Carpe diem means "sieze the day" in Latin (but it's also fairly commonly used by English speakers).

Post InfoPosted 10-Apr-2007 18:09Profile Homepage PM Edit Delete Report 
Small Fry
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male jersey
A mate called me it once once at school, it gets used occasionally still, but adopted it as an internet pseudonym, i use it everywhere and i have never seen anyone else use it so if you see it around, Hi

EDIT: Having just done a google to check the individuality of my name, alas, i am not the only one, however, i am the only one i have ever seen on a fish or gaming forum, c'est la vie
Post InfoPosted 10-Apr-2007 18:19Profile Homepage PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Master
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female usa
EditedEdited by terranova
The second year that my reef club hosted the North East Reef Aquarium Conference, I was a volunteer, and all the volunteers get nametags on straps that you have to wear around your neck so people know that they can go to you for help and whatnot. For some reason, mine said "Liana Terranova" even though Terranova isn't even remotely close to my actual last name.

All the guys in the club thought it was hysterical, so I began to use it as my name on the club forum, and on reef central. Eventually I switched it over to my username for everything except AOL.

EDIT: Oh and previously, I was ferretfish because that's what we voted on, considering I had a lovely little ferret, and fish. How original. I think Babel gets the credit for that actually.

-Formerly known as the Ferretfish
Post InfoPosted 10-Apr-2007 20:55Profile Yahoo PM Edit Delete Report 
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female usa
You will always be Ferretfish to some of us!

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
~ Mae West
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Big Fish
Member MTS Anonymous
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male usa
Mine is simple Its the name of my home business. Although more recently I have started to use fishkeeperjim everywhere but here. that one came about in two parts first is at a paranormal chat I go to "Logan" is on the banned words list, cause of a old user. So I had to pick a new name. as I was trying to think of one a website came to mind and on it was the question "are you a fish keeper or a fish haver?" I am a fish keeper so just added my first name.

mts.gif" border="0"> I vote do you?
My Tanks at Photobucket
Post InfoPosted 14-Apr-2007 18:03Profile Yahoo PM Edit Delete Report 
Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
"What is "carpe_diem?"


ooOOoo go watch Dead Poets Society.

And yes if you're a fan of the TV series House one of the boys will look familar.


Post InfoPosted 15-Apr-2007 04:52Profile Homepage AIM MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male malta
jasonpisani are my name & surname.... Jason Pisani.
Member of the Malta Aquarist Society - 1970.
Post InfoPosted 15-Apr-2007 20:54Profile MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
Mega Fish
Dial 1800-Positive-Posts
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female australia
wish-ga is the name of my first fish.

Came here to find out how to better care for wish-ga and my other wishies.

Now I only ever use wish-ga as my screen name (two forums and blogging). And quite a few people in real life call me that too. I like it. Never had a nick growing up. Yay me!

(Callatya, I thought your name was a fish species or gaming term or something. Was too embarassed to ask in case I looked stoopid(er). Glad I now know)

~~~ My fish blow kisses at me all day long ~~~
Post InfoPosted 17-Apr-2007 07:03Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Big Fish
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male pakistan
Mughal = my family name
113 = my university roll number
Post InfoPosted 17-Apr-2007 08:54Profile MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
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female usa
I'm obsessed with animals,and competitively[sp?] show my dog Shadow in many things She is a very skilled and obediant pup.I love her to pieces[even more than fish,and that's really saying something!!]She is also my favorite breed and favorite color of that breed[she is a black lab].
So in honor of her that became my screenname for basicly everything.I love her

Yup. I'm that crazy Twilight/animal/music girl
Post InfoPosted 22-Apr-2007 23:11Profile AIM Yahoo PM Edit Delete Report 
Big Fish
Oh My Heck!
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male usa
EditedEdited by fishmonster
How i got my name was a little interesting. It started out when i was about 18 or 19 and I was helping out my friend DJ and a local Youth club. Anyways My hair grew out like an afro because i have 3 crowns or calics right at the top of my head and my parents used to shave or buzz my hair. So when it grew long it looked rather interesting. We my friend gave me that name from a Breafast cereal character from Kelloggs Sugar Puffs as they were known in england. Anyways the name was Honeymonster. This name has stuck with me since the mid to late 90s. I use it for my email and names on my old chatrooms. However i thought it wasnt appropriate for the fishforums so i adjusted it to Fishmonster. Hence my name

This is the Honeymonster for those that dont know him

Thanks for your input as always, Shane - [ Thanks to ScottF ]
Post InfoPosted 03-May-2007 23:23Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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female uk
I'm Black Neon Ferret because i love ferrets (despite the fact i'm not allowed any ) and i was thinking about getting black neon tetras at the time. which i did.
Hence my name
Post InfoPosted 04-May-2007 17:22Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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