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SubscribeWhere we are all from
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Registered: 17-Jan-2011
male canada ca-alberta
I've seen the little flags telling a general idea of where everyone is from, but I'm wondering about how many people are from Canada, or more specifically Alberta. I'm wondering who all may live around me, I typically try to make friends from area's around me however so far I've only really had interaction from two people on the site, Babelfish and Frank, so I was wondering how many other people might live around me and love their fish lol.
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male usa us-colorado
The "little flags" really help by telling us at least what
nation we are from, and in some cases what "State" we are
from. It is a good way, as you say, to see if anyone is
possibly within visiting distance. As you probably have
noticed by now, our members are from nearly every nation
in the world. Which, in a sense, makes us a rather unique
site with folks from all sorts of backgrounds and fish,
living in their bodies of water that many of us could only
dream of seeing in real life.
Many have other interests, and different ways of making a
living. That is what the "Recovery Forum" and "Chat Room"
is for. To exchange ideas, thoughts, and get to know each
Have fun!

-->>> The Confidence of Amateurs, is the Envy of Professionals <<<--
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
EditedEdited 27-Jan-2011 00:08
Well I sport the australian and Maryland flag. I grew up in the US, mainly in maryland, and moved to australia after marrying an aussie that I met here .

Site participation has gone down a lot we used to be really active. I think I lot of our original members had other things pop up in life and we haven't had a lot of active new members.


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female canada
Im still around
Im from Ontario Canada!
definatly work and teens have kept me from hours spent before here..but always back to read and have a look at pixs.
still and always will be in the hobby of fish keeping, Ive 5 tanks running.
Ive just added photos on my planted 80gal and getting much help in the process.
Post InfoPosted 19-Feb-2011 19:26Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Addict
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male uk
Babel - you and the big 'A' got hitched! wow means all the hard work Adam put into this site was worth it!

I'm From Huddersfield in West Yorkshire (England)

The key problem is most of the younger memebers back in the day (myself included) had nothing else to worry about or really do ... no facebook or anything so forums where a good to waste time (learnt a lot also but generally it was just something to do)

Now old, going bald with a wife and kid its rare I get chance to frequent forums ... I spend most of my time trying to catch up with friends on Facebook ..... I have found a couple of people from here on Facebook -- heres an idea why doesnt Adam/Babel make a Fishprofiles page - members can join and maybe it'll inject more intrerest in what i've always thought of as the friendliest none anal Fish site on the web.


EH UP!!!
Post InfoPosted 23-Feb-2011 09:19Profile MSN PM Edit Delete Report 
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male usa us-california
I still lurk when I have a moment. Working allot of hours and lots to do around the house keeps me away from the computer. This is my favorite aquarium web site, friendly and helpful members. I live in Redlands California by the way.
Post InfoPosted 26-Feb-2011 11:02Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Guru
Piranha Bait
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male canada ca-ontario
I'm from Ontatio Canada as well. Welcome !

I check in sometimes. Getting back into activity mode on the tanks again

The Amazon Nut...
Post InfoPosted 25-Jun-2011 14:09Profile Homepage PM Edit Delete Report 
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male usa us-southcarolina
EditedEdited 29-Jul-2011 15:15
I'm from SC, as indicated by the little palmetto flag. I chose to give my fish away when I moved from Washington back to South Carolina so I was out of the hobby for a bit. I didn't want to split up a good community or have them die by trying to move them 3000 miles. We are getting a 60 gallon tank soon and I am doing research on different habitats, trying to decide between marine and fresh. This place has always been the best for advice without the holier than thou attitude you find on some other sites.
Post InfoPosted 29-Jul-2011 15:13Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Small Fry with Ketchup
Posts: 6833
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female australia us-maryland
Welcome back Wraith, hope to see you around more once you have the 60


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