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Sailfin Molly Aggression? Livebearers Lanekayteekate224-Sep-2008 06:21 
Sexing Pearl Gouramis Labyrinth Loungekayteekate420-Jun-2008 04:04 
First Tank, looking for fish with character :) General FreshwaterSpookytonberry1807-Mar-2008 06:47 
Water Conditioner Water Qualitykayteekate101-Mar-2008 05:38 
Buying Fish Getting Startedsugarcookie625-Jan-2008 04:33 
Two Male Pearl Gouramis? Labyrinth Loungekayteekate418-Jan-2008 10:22 
Stocking help...again Getting Startedkayteekate315-Jan-2008 07:17 
40g Tall Stocking Help General Freshwaterkayteekate524-Dec-2007 04:27 

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