Puntius  pentazona
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Puntius pentazona

Common Names: Banded Bard
Belted Barb
Fiveband Barb
Sixband Barb
Synonyms: Barbus pentazona
Family: Cyprinidae
Category: Cyprinids
Distribution: Asia; S.E. Asia: Borneo, Malayan peninsula, Singapore.
Main Ecosystem: River; River
Temperament: Peaceful; A peaceful fish that wont nip fins of its tankmates. A good solution to the fin-nipping Tiger Barbs. Keep in groups of 3 or more.
Diet: Ominvore; Ominvore
Care: Feed with Flakes, live or frozen foods.
5 - 7
23°C - 26°C
73°F - 79°F
2 dH - 15 dH
Potential Size: Male: 5cm (2")
Female: 5cm (2")
Water Region: All; All
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: Males have a hint of red in their fins.
Breeding: Not easy to breed. The Pentazona Barb will scatter its eggs.
Comments: Also known as the 5-banded Barb, it is very similar to the Tiger Barb, however it does not share the same reputation of being aggressive towards its tankmates.
Main Colours: Orange, Black, Orange
Markings: Striped Vertical
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Forked
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