Photo Gallery for Poecilia sphenops


By: djtweeker

kukurjek2002 5 minutes old molly
fish-r-fun Pearl white Molly
MichelleKalgren Gold Dust Pregnant Female Molly
kukurjek2002 little mollys
koi keeper 32 days pregnant and ready for delivery. This is the typical box shape described which appears 24-48 hours before birth. She is a heavily pregnant Creamsickle Molly.
waistfull This is my male black molly.
koi keeper Male creamsickle mollie with a clear view of the gonopodium. (It is hanging down at the bottom of the body) Instead of that a female will have a small fan shaped fin.
Beth M. Nice view of a male Black Molly. The gonopodium (trademark of the male) is clearly visible in this photo.
koi keeper Female creamsickle mollie 2 weeks pregnant
MestChic62 Here are my dalmation lyretail and white lyretail mollies.
koi keeper Male and Female Creamsickle Mollies

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