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SubscribeBully Angelfish!!
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male uk
Hi all, a while since I was here, good to be back.

Here's my question for you all:

I have an aggressive (3-4 inch) angelfish. He lives with only one other gourami as his angelfish friend died.
I have taken all the steps to stop him being territorial but not much of a difference.
He has no problem with my bottom feeders however is territorial with my only other fish (a gourami).

Are there any fish that he wont mind? Are they all like this?

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Fish Addict
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well wat size tank u got? maybe the tank is to small for him try adding some small floating plants for the gourami to hide in and get some bottem feeders and try it out.
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If you think about it he has lost a mate and all he has is his territory and naturally he will protect it.

Adding to riri1 I would also like to know more about the tank size etc.

The Gourami love plenty of top cover like a floating Indian fern (water sprite) If the tank is big enough I would consider getting him another mate.

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Big Fish
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one method i tried years ago with a similar angel - i bought a half-dozen small angels (the cheapest ones the store had) and put them all in - the male was a good five times larger - but he got really bored with picking on all five and eventually they settled. he killed one in the process (the weakest/smallest of all) and eventually paired up with a new mate and i sold on the others. don't know what your tank size is, but a similar idea could work. please remember that cichlid behaviour is highly individualised.
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male uk
Hi guys,

Thanks very much for the feedback, all very interesting.

So my tank is a rio 125 (litres), at the moment it houses:
1 angelfish
1 gourami
1 otto
2 pim pictus

At present there are no plants and I would rather keep it that way is possible, obviously if not possible then I'll fix it!

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FO tanks are perfectly alright. Just be sure to do regular
water changes, preferably weekly, and at the same time use
a gravel vacuum on the substrate.
Plants are also used to remove various organic
compounds and elements from the water.
Without them, and regular water changes, these can
increase in concentration rapidly to become toxic to
the fish.

Additionally, to keep the incidence of algae outbreaks
down, I would keep the lighting level down to about one
watt to one and a half watts per gallon. Enough to enjoy
the fish, but not promote excessive algae growth.


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Little Caesar
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I have noticed that angelfish are more territorial and aggressive when they are alone. I have one thats full grown..its huge. It was very territorial when it was alone, often nipping my killifish that it shares the tank with. To solve the problem, I bought another angelfish. At first, it was really aggressive towards the new angelfish....but after about a day it got much less aggressive and now they swim around the tank together like BFF. They also have bred.

I think that if you get a male and female, they pair off and become less aggressive. Since then I have added 3 gouramis, and everyone is happy.

So I definitely agree that more angels should help. Try to get them similar in size or a tad smaller.

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