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Subscribealgae problem
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male usa
Hi everyone. Been along time sense last post. I have been doing this for years but only kept fish only. I just started adding corals and im having issues with algae. I have always had algae due to high nitrates but now its different. I have been keeping my tank at zero nitrates and the algae is kinda getting worse and covering my corals. before fish only didnt care but now its killing them.

Tank is 120gal 48x24x24. 3 korall power heads. 3in live sand, about 100lb of alor live rock. few fish, crabs, snails, starfish ect. Some soft corals. Lights are cree with optics 120watt x 2 panels running at 25% for 12hrs a day now only 10 hrs. The tank was setup a year ago but the rocks i have had for over 5years. sand was new. Im changing about 20-40 gal a mo.

perm. 1.025, 76f, ph 8.4, 5.4dkh,1.93alk, no ammonia or nitrite, Nitrates stay under 2. I use a few test kits just to make sure there good. Nitrate i use 3 api, red sea, salifert. I dont test for anything else or dose the tank.

The algae grows back in a few days. its brown hair like.

pics are from different times so you all can see. Any help on id or what to do would be great. Thanks

also the pics at the end are current pics i just changed water and cleaned some sand out...
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Welcome back!

I think your solution might just lie with the Stared post post a couple of posts above your question. There are 8 pages of information in that section. The "secret" lies with building a place for the algae to grow outside of your main tank. By encouraging its growth, the algae scrubber removes excess nitrate and phosphate from your system, and you can use the cultivated algae for other purposes.

Take a look at this:

I think it will be worth your while to read it from front to back.


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Small Fry
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Nice information Frank. Thanks for sharing the link.
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