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SubscribeHow much salt do you use for your liverbearer tanks
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male australia
Hi all, returning to the game after a very long time away. Just setting up a coldwater platy and sword tank. Can't remember if these guys handle sea salt as well as the mollies or not? Suggestions for how much salt/litre to use? Don't want full brackish, just a little beyond fresh.
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Fish Addict
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female usa us-illinois
I keep a trio of platys in my hospital tank to keep it cycled, and dont use salt. Platies are fine without it!
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The Platys and Swordtails don't need any salt in their
tank. They do, however, prefer water with a high pH up
around 7.8 - 8.0. The best way to get this high a pH
and resultant hardness and carbonate hardness is to use
crushed limestone, crushed dolomite, crushed coral,
or a mixture of the above along with crushed oyster shells.

That will give you the water chemistries that they prefer.

You can also use pieces of rock such as limestone
or dolomite, or pieces of coral as decor.
Plants that prefer some calcium in the water and
substrate such as Val's would be perfect in the tank
as well.


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male australia au-victoria
To adjust the pH I prefer "Shell Grit" it is nothing but crushed seashells, I would put it into the toe of a Pantie Hose by doing that the pH can be controlled very easily, its just a matter of adding or decreasing the Shell Grit.

It can be put into a filter or hidden in a corner of the tank.


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There's really no reason to add salt, as that's just another variable for you to monitor and try to maintain every time you change water and such. For simplicity's sake I'd just keep it freshwater.

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