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Small Fry
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i am installing a new electric hot water tank. The tank is set up for 3/4 inch piping, I have 1/2 inch piping. 1/2 inch female adapters are too small to fit on the tank. 3/4 inch adapters are too big for the 1/2 inch PVC. If I put the 3/4 inch female adapters on the tank and glue in 3/4 inch PVC then glue 3/4 inch adapters at the other end of the PVC and screw in 1/2 inch adapters so the 1/2 inch PVC will fit, will everything work ok?
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male usa us-colorado
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I'd come out with the 3/4 fittings the tank is drilled
for and then adapt them down to the 1/2 tubing, with
the minimum number of adapters. You should be able
to find "A" 3/4 to 1/2 inch adapter as a standard
item in your local hardware store.

I just cannot picture what kind of a "monster tank" you
have that you have purchased a home style hot water tank
to supply your aquarium. Even the lowest setting on any
HW tank I've seen is too high for an aquarium.


BTW, "we" are not allowed to advertise for folks in our
posts or as our signatures. You need to remove those
URLs from your posts.

-->>> The Confidence of Amateurs, is the Envy of Professionals <<<--
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