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All you ever wanted to know about UV Sterilizers
UV Sterilization is the safest method of preventing and eliminating problems in an aquarium, or pond. UV will not kill a parasite on the fish, but par...
techjak1420-Jun-2009 05:57
Was thinking Eheim true temp or Hydor inline. The Eheim 200w is to long to mount verticaly, so can it be mounted horizontally? Any thoughts on the Hyd...
lowlight310-Jan-2018 15:41
my electric went out 2 days how can my fish still be alive...
hagcatsis316-Aug-2017 14:19
3D printing your aquarium parts
3D printing your aquarium parts For those of you serious DIY folks, you may be interested in how you can make your own plastic aquarium parts by pr...
santamonica507-Jul-2016 19:12
Resurrecting a Silent Giant pump
Used to use these in the 70s and loved them. Got back into the hobby around 10 years ago and much to my dismay, found that they had gone out of busin...
fancyangels523-Sep-2015 22:58
New/Not new filter setup
Hey everybody! Hope all is well. I just purchased a AquaClear 110 filter setup off a auction site. It was listed as opened/never used "Brand Ne...
Kellyjhw531-May-2015 06:20
low cost tank cooler
With spring rolling in and my family not wanting to turn on the AC, my house is getting very hot, meaning temperatures in my aquariums are getting ver...
ztb23709-Nov-2014 06:21
What is the purpose of the biowheel in larger filters like my Penguin 200 for a 50 gallon tank?...
ztb23210-Mar-2014 08:44
does it matter where the thermometer is?
i have a digital thermometer with the display outside and the sensor on a cord. i have it on the side of the tank on the inside and sometimes im not s...
ztb23308-Feb-2014 21:54
air pump problem
my tetra 60 whisper pump is moving very little air. ive replaced the air stone and it did not fix the problem. could it be that the filter is clogged?...
ztb23207-Feb-2014 18:32
small battery powered gravel vac
is there a small battery powered gravel vac anywhere on the market? the vac that i have is difficult to use because i cant get it to start siphoning w...
ztb23001-Feb-2014 01:13
building a stand for 125g tank
hey everyone, long time no see! i bought a 125g tank from craigslist a year ago which came with a stand and canopy, but because it was not kept very...
moondog424-Nov-2013 00:36
add on to filter
hi All, I have a 450 lire tank and run a fluval 405 I would like to get more water movement and airation in the tank I have used powerheads but the...
leonclay208-Feb-2013 04:34
designing diy sump
Hi all, Has anyone got a sump incoporating a overflow safty valve. IE, if the pump fails and water not pumped back to tank then the full vo...
jeves414-Dec-2012 07:45
eheim external filter
Bought a eheim external filter. Notice on videos of similar filter most have double valves which mine don't have. Apart from using the valves for se...
jeves320-Oct-2012 16:21
fx5 flow problems
my filter is 6 months old and pumps about 50 gph, the flow rate is barely there, anyone ever had flow problems?...
flipperocks118-Sep-2012 05:55
leaking tank
I just set up a 150 gallon tank, its a few years old and purchased it from a friend, at one point they had it as saltwater tank and there is some sort...
flipperocks117-Sep-2012 14:17
125W Hydroponics lights
Hi everyone, I was just searching for some cheap ways to get a decent light level for my new 10G as it only comes with one small tube grrr) and stumbl...
ChrisParsons626-Jun-2012 19:21
external filter
Currently using Eheim external filter. Having problems with accumulation of air inthe filter which is quite nosy, happening quitye often. Must be a...
jeves217-Jan-2012 00:07
pressure testing
Has anyone tested a closed container filled with water to calculate its pressure to find if it would leak especially when water is pumped through it....
jeves011-Oct-2011 17:51
CHOMPPPPP403-Sep-2011 18:17
Undergravel filters?
I'm planning on setting up a New 60gal Aquarium. I've been looking into undergravel filters and it seems like a very simple method. I've seen a lot of...
Potto09410-Aug-2011 23:13
Water flow from Eheim 2228
Long time since I have been on the site. I have just installed a 6ft by 18in by 20in tank, approx 400l and have an eheim 2228. The filter is goin...
scott-c808-Jun-2011 08:59
I have a 125 gallon tank with a Rena xp-4 filter. I want to plumb the inlet and outlet with pvc or something like that. Does anyone have any suggest...
TYLER W022-Mar-2011 00:54
Opinions on the new LED strip lights
Hey everybody! I haven't been on the site in a while. I've taken the plunge, after 20+ years, back into college full-time. Anywho, my li...
Kellyjhw507-Feb-2011 16:39
Heater Question
I have a 10 gallon tank with a 2-15 gallon heater in it, the insstructions said that there was no need to adjust the thermostat (because theres not on...
jcmed606-Feb-2011 04:27
Contaminated Equipment
Hi: I have recently been cleaning out the office tank as no one had done a water change or gravel vacuum in over a year. I will need to do a bunch...
ajm558404-Feb-2011 16:15
Phosphate remover pads and algae?
I've been getting a lot of algae in my planted 10-gallon tanks at home lately. Part of that is my fault - I was a couple months late changing the flou...
superlion601-Feb-2011 02:31
Lighting problem
Hi all, well, the saga continues. If you've seen my other posts, you'll know that I've recently started up a 120 gallon planted tank. For lighting, I...
techjak730-Jan-2011 07:13
Broken hood
I'm wondering who all here has had their hood break on them then make a quick trip to the pet store only to discover that the cost of a new one is upw...
davyboy325-Jan-2011 19:01
stress coat
To much stress coat water is so murky you can hardly see the fish, 50 gal old tank. old very large gold fish one is 13 years old, will it kill the fis...
larocha420-Jan-2011 12:02
Tank painting question
I have a 29 gallon Eclipse 3 that I'm finally wanting to paint the back of the tank, and am wondering if anybody has pics of theirs... preferrably in...
Ballinbird628-Oct-2010 06:18
How long do hob filters last
I need to replace an aquaone hang on back filter. When I totted up the years I'd had it I was surprised - had it since about 2001. I got pretty good...
wish-ga613-Sep-2010 23:45
Will a buzzing stress out my fish?
My tank has been running quite a while without an aeration pump. Just yesterday I made my own aeration pump out of the air pump that powered a mini fi...
Cortrell625-Aug-2010 12:24
Electric hot water heater?
i am installing a new electric hot water tank. The tank is set up for 3/4 inch piping, I have 1/2 inch piping. 1/2 inch female adapters are too small...
maha22117-Jul-2010 14:23
I was thinking of getting a new heater. I like the idea of the smart heater by RENA and the FLUVAL LCD heater. Anybody ever use one of these heaters?...
lowlight517-Jul-2010 14:16
marineland filter
My marineland penguin filter misteriously stopped working i had the filter for about two months it was working fine before...
fishkeeper225205-Jun-2010 22:15
Aquarium Repairs
i recently acquired a 80 gallon aqua-one bow front glass aquarium with a cracked back pane for free of my LFS. i was wondering if i could repair this...
coop322-Apr-2010 07:03
Possible Upgrade of Filter
I have a lightly planted 10 gallon (40 litre) tank which has a sand substrate. The inhabitants are 1 male Betta and a couple of ghost shrimps. It cu...
Gomer530-Mar-2010 12:26
eheim pro 2 orings
Pages: 1, 2
Hi guys, Haven't been on this forum for years now! but i've just been pottering along now with my tank and not changing much and everything seems to...
Goh3219-Mar-2010 06:37
Aquatic Edge aquarium
I just purchased an Aquatic Edge 5 gallon aquarium kit for my grandaughter's birthday. It has a BioClear 90 filter and 1 cartridge with it. I'm trying...
Caviar519-Mar-2010 01:43
new to t5 lights
Hi guys, i recently just picked up a hagen glo 2X54W T5 setup off ebay relatively cheap. I've never had a T5 set up before, but is there meant to be...
Goh314-Mar-2010 11:12
Small pond filter and pump in a 75 gal or up
Can you run a small pond filter and pump, at 250 gph, in an indoor tank, say 75gal to 150gal? Or should I just wait years to save for the canist...
Kellyjhw706-Mar-2010 05:32
Filter for a Surface Skimmer
Hi everyone, I purchased the Fluval surface skimmer for my new tank as there was some film building up on the surface. This skimmer took care of it...
amackattack311-Feb-2010 06:31
Sterilizing a used canister filter
Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to sterilize a canister filter? I have a HOT Magnum and Marineland says to clean the micron filter with a d...
amackattack1202-Feb-2010 21:24
Filter media
So i have a Penguin 350 bio wheel filter and am getting tired of paying for replacement filters and would like to know if anyone has made reusable med...
Optimusprime430-Jan-2010 05:53
Anybody remember?
Does anyone remember a thread about some tubes that went up,over and back down into another tank so the fish could go back and forth between tanks. I...
lowlight227-Jan-2010 04:43
Hi Again Everyone, One more ?? about my new tank. I wanted a dark blue background on my freshwater tank. I am not thrilled withthe idea of the pl...
amackattack1023-Jan-2010 06:24
Home structural support
I have a question vs heavy tanks and standered flooring. I know that if you put a 55 gallon perpindicular to the main (trusses?) The floor will hold t...
skyeye804-Dec-2009 00:15
~ Green Watter ~
Hi I have a 5 gallon airiated hex 5 tank .. I know it\'s small but I wanted something small for now .. I\'ve had it for about a month w/ no problems ....
~ Nikoleta ~1125-Oct-2009 21:01
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