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Subscribefx5 flow problems
Small Fry
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my filter is 6 months old and pumps about 50 gph, the flow rate is barely there, anyone ever had flow problems?
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male usa us-colorado
Low output can be caused by several problems ranging from obsructions in the lines such as kinks, too many severe corners or bends, build up of algae in the lines, etc.
The wrong filter media, filter media clogged with detritus, the filter media packed too tightly. Entrapped air in the system. Lack attention to the motor itself in that it could be clogged with dust & dirt making it run hotter than normal and causing the bearings to over heat and start to seize up on the motor shaft.
You might be asking too much of the pump if the pump is on the floor and the tank is too high above the pump. This causes too much head pressure and the pump cannot push the water up the tube and into the tank, like it supposed to do.
You should tear it down, give it a good cleaning, and lubricate it.

You did not give us much specific information which leaves us to take stabs at possibilities.


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