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Subscribeadd on to filter
Small Fry
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hi All,

I have a 450 lire tank and run a fluval 405 I would like to get more water movement and airation in the tank I have used powerheads but the keep stop working after 6to 12 months as in the bubles dont work, I was thinking of a internal filter to help out a bit like a eheim aquaball or fluval u3 or should i get a UV filter what would you guys do. bu the way I have 1 x jaguar 1 x jack dempsy and 1 x flowerhorn
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male usa us-colorado
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HI and welcome to Fish Profiles!

I'm not sure why the powerheads would stop working, unless your fish have started knocking them around.
Most powerheads have a stub sticking out of the top where you can attach a short length of air hose that goes up to the top of the tank and over the edge. The pump pulls air in to the pump where the air gets chopped into bubbles that
are then sprayed out into the tank. I have never seen one of these setups cease working.

If you are using airstones and an air pump, that time frame (6-12 months) is about normal for the "life" of an airstone. Bacteria forms on the stones surface eventually clogging the tiny spaces the air travels through and they quit working. Scrubbing under running water can prolong the stones life, or you can switch to different material stones. Keep in mind that the finer the bubbles, the smaller the air passages and the quicker they will clog up.


IN REREADING, a slim possibility could be, especially if you have "hard water" is that there could be a calcium buildup inside that stub preventing air from being pulled into the pump. Something like a pipe cleaner, or, even the end of a paperclip carefully inserted into the hole could clear the stub and once again allow air to be pulled into the pump where it will be "chopped up" into small bubbles and sprayed out into the tank.

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Small Fry
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