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SubscribeWill a buzzing stress out my fish?
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My tank has been running quite a while without an aeration pump. Just yesterday I made my own aeration pump out of the air pump that powered a mini filter I got with a tiny 1 gallon tank that I use to quarantine fish. I just ran the tube under the gravel and then under a few large rocks so the bubbles would be spread out. The only place I could but the air pump is directly on the tank cover. It vibrates, of course, and when I put my ear to the tank it seems to buzz throughout the entire tank. My fish have been looking a little agitated since then. Is that from the newly added bubbles or could the noise be aggravating them?
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
I'd say it's the noise.

If there's a way you can redo it so that it's not on the tank cover that'd likely be best. You could also try placing something to pad the surface of the tank. I've used old mouspads before. The thick cushiony ones not the smooth thin ones. Small hand towel or a thick sock may also work. Just make sure there is still some air circulation around the pump so that it does not overheat.

Additionally you can try turning it off at night. I dont' run an air filter on my tanks. Instead I use the splash from the outflow of the filter to agitate the surface.


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I folded up a bandanna and have been using that and that seemed to fix up the noise. I like your mousepad idea though, I actually have one lying around.

I'd rather run this air because if my water was low enough that the filter did what you described, the water level would be below my lining at the top and that just doesn't look too good. Know what I mean?
But thanks again!
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
It would be the vibrations that are causing the problems and eventually will cause a lot more stress on the fish.

You have two choices either dont run the air pump or work out ho to put it somewhere else.


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The girl's got crabs!
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I used to hang my air pump from a nail under the stand. It had drip loops and one way valves, so it was as safe as I could manage having it below the water line. Suspending it stopped the vibration problem completely

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Mega Fish
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An insulating buffer or allowing it to hang work perfectly... somehow they rubber feet that the come stock with don't disperse enough of the the vibrations to them to be effective in their "group efforts..."

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Mega Fish
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female australia
Calla you are the MacGyver of the aqua world.

Your fixit skills leave me awestruck!

Babel's mouse pad is a great one too!

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