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Subscribeleaking tank
Small Fry
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I just set up a 150 gallon tank, its a few years old and purchased it from a friend, at one point they had it as saltwater tank and there is some sort of plug in the bottom of the tank (for piping I assume) I filled up the tank at my house and noticed there is a small dripping leak underneath from this plug, do I have to drain the damn tank to silicone it?
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Hi Flipperocks and Welcome to Fish Profiles!

I've been tied up with retiring and moving and this is the
first I've been able to get things hooked up again. I'm
so sorry that someone has not responded to you yet!

I'm sure you figured out that the answer to your question
is yes, you do need to drain and dry that area and then
remove the plug and all the old silicone. Clean the glass
well removing any film and remains of the old silicone
and then reseal the hole. If the tank was plumbed
correctly, you should be able to purchase a plug and simply
plug the hole mechanically with a "bulkhead fitting" and
a cap.

Congrats on the tank!!


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