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Mega Fish
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female australia
I need to replace an aquaone hang on back filter. When I totted up the years I'd had it I was surprised - had it since about 2001. I got pretty good innings from it. It has a bit of murmmer now. A bit annoying.

How long have yours lasted.

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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
The HOB filter is a very basic filter and will run for years as you now know.

I personally think one of the secrets is keeping it well maintained. Every week I clean my impeller housing out as well as cleaning the impeller (I use a simple squirt bottle.)

I have added a prefilter (I made it from a filter sponge) this stops and gunk getting into the impeller and its housing.


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male usa us-colorado
Mine, an AquaClear, has been running for 17 years.
I keep the bushings clean and clean out the inside
of the motor with a soft pipe cleaner.
At one time you could obtain replacement
bushings as well as the impellers. In todays' throw away
society I don't know if the bushings are still available.


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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
I know I've gotten replacement impellers for the AC filters. Had sand chew one up . Might be worth it to see if you can get a new impeller first before a whole new filter, although aquaone tends to be a bit, hmmm, meant for disposal? if you get my drift. If you do clean it on a regular basis, it may be just something not put back together quite right. I'd get that from time to time with my ACs

Never knew anything in this disposable world to last 17 years frank! None of mine have lasted that long, probably mainly because I've not been keeping fish that long


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Mega Fish
Dial 1800-Positive-Posts
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female australia
All very good points.

Will try (again) taking apart and putting back together to see if it is something "not quite right" in my techniques.

Seems like some chug along for a while. Mine's not up to 17 years but I think it had good innings. Happy with that.

~~~ My fish blow kisses at me all day long ~~~
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Small Fry
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male canada
Regular cleaning definitely helps in prolonging the life of any filter system.

"All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was."
Toni Morrison.
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Two Tanks
Big Fish
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female usa
Check the O ring where the motor connects to the housing for any leaks. You can get replacement 0 rings at the hard ware store. I have seen replacement impellers at the pet store, but its been a while. You might try an on line pet store if it is your problem.
Sorry, I have not been on here in ages - had a problem and it looks like (four years later) I got it resolved - yeah!
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